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    WARNING this thread is my personal speculation regarding the future decisions that I believe BlackBerry will conduct.
    This will be a short but concise post. I haven't seen this idea elsewhere so please forgive me if it's already been suggested.

    I see that BlackBerry 10 devices are far to expensive for emerging markets like India and other countries like that, especially where bis is a major selling point. Blackberry cannot sell flagship devices for a loss In emerging markets so they released cheaper phones, which I believe are still to expensive, so Blackberry is attempting to produce two sets of operating systems, bb10 and android. Producing bb10 is more likely more expensive and time consuming then android as android would only need security tweaks and cosmetic tweaks, therefore Blackberry can profit from android. The idea would be to produce android based devices for emerging markets that are priced competitively and bb10 devices for more established markets like the USA and UK. From selling android based phones and analysing sales, a decision can then be made to offer android based devices to established markets.

    I understand the OHA rules by Google but all the rules are not available to the public, and the contract between each member may be slightly different. I have not found concentrate evidence if Google consider the android runtime on bb10 as an android fork but assuming they do not, then Google could not offer the play services to bb10 but only the android based devices that are manufactured for Blackberry, making the devices very popular in the emerging market as they feature a familiar operating system with the benefit of a well populated app store.

    Thanks for reading

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    06-21-15 07:42 PM
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    Not clear what you mean by "bis," but you seem to more concerned about sales of hardware to consumers while BlackBerry's goal is to license security and software products to large businesses and government customers.

    They want to be able to tell these customers that they can run the Android apps they need to use on BlackBerry 10 hardware. Otherwise they won't have much reason to continue building phones.
    06-21-15 11:13 PM
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    Bis/blackberry Internet service as in the old compressed network of data that runs on legacy os. But Prague is a prime example of a mid tier device that isn't aimed at enterprise but emerging markets

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    06-23-15 05:42 AM

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