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    I love blackberry 10. Software and there is no competitor right now but their hardware is not upto the mark I have bought 3 z10 two were with battery percentage issue and one were with time reset to build date when restarted.... but with all this I used z10 for more than a year then I decided to go for q10 to have the best in class keyboard... and now it has double typing issue omg seriously? Are they able to make some good hardware... as much I love the keyboard and decided to give it a try by going for classic or passport but today I have read on many places that their keyboard also have double typing issue.... here in our area there is no seen like you buy something from carrier and can replace it if defective... here you buy something from shop and later on if you have any defect then you have no choice....

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    05-02-15 10:42 AM
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    Now what to do

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    05-02-15 10:43 AM
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    I do not have double typing issue on my passport. Loving it every part of it.

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    05-02-15 06:19 PM
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    My passport here haven't double Typing issues... I'm really glad that it works great but such a shame bb cannot handle their Keyboard issues. 9900 had one, the new devices... what's going on there?

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    05-02-15 07:22 PM
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    I do not have double typing issue on my passport. Loving it every part of it.

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    If you don't have the issue it doesn't mean there is no issue at all.... or it is the game of luck or badluck.... so the people with bad luck will get defective keyboard.. blackberry just made a good design but not the best keyboard

    You can see through forum that many forum exist on this issue so this is some serious issue

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    05-03-15 12:41 AM
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    Actually you only know about the issues because people don't really talk about a perfectly working device. They come online to ask for help with their issues. And yes, it's by bad luck that you've got a device with the double typing issue. My suggestion is that you should replace the keyboard of your q10. Then the issue will go away.

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    05-03-15 01:55 AM

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