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    Last night I went to bed and everything was fine. But this morning I noticed my alarm tone was different, I usually play a song from my music files on the SD card to wake me up. But this morning was the default alarm tone. I checked, and it says there is no media card inserted. Yet when I remove the card and insert it again, it says "media card inserted", but it never reads it. So it detects it but isn't viewing the files...
    I've tried a device restart, I'm on the latest telus 10.3 software.

    I have hundreds of songs and photos on the card I hope it isn't corrupt. I heard that these cards very very rarely ever go corrupt though, plus my phone IS detecting it when I insert it. Any ideas?
    My Media Card Suddenly Isn't a Readable?-img_20160914_055604.png
    My Media Card Suddenly Isn't a Readable?-img_20160914_055959.png

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    09-14-16 04:00 AM
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    First, try rebooting the device. Let it sit for five minutes after it has booted up, then check the File Manger.
    If the File Manager can see the card and the files intact, but the Music, Pictures, and Video apps can not, then perform a Soft Reset:
    Reset a BlackBerry smartphone
    If it all seems to be working after a reboot, then all is well.

    A Soft Reset is the same as a Hard Reset aka Battery Pull for non-removable battery type BlackBerry devices. It deletes caches, shuts down background apps and services, unloads running memory, power cycles the device, and it generally fixes issues with corrupted caches and bugged apps. It does not delete any files, apps, settings, or messages.
    NOTE: It is normal for the device to be sluggish and glitchy for up to five minutes after performing a Soft/Hard Reset due to it working hard rebuilding caches and restarting background apps and services, so it is best to just let it sit five minutes before continuing to trouble shoot.

    If it still doesn't read the CD card, then turn off Encryption in Settings/Security and Privacy/Encryption (if enabled), pop out the SD card and see if it is readable in a computer.
    If so, dump the contents to the computer for a backup, and try and format the SD card in the BlackBerry.
    09-14-16 04:33 AM

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