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    I tripped over this app while trying to figure out the best way to transfer my info from my Bold 9900 to my Passport running Device Switch from BlackBerry OS v5.0 to 7.1 - Global I don't see a lot of info about it on these forums, so I thought I would post my experience with it.

    It did great transferring contacts and calendar, and it would even set up my accounts, had I not already set them up. Once you start the application and have paired the two phones, it lets you select what you want to transfer. If you have a lot of pictures and/or videos stored on your phone, I would recommend transferring in stages. The transfer of the contacts needs to properly "finish" the application so I would do those first, and that didn't take long at all.

    I have slow WiFi here, and I think WiFi transfer on the phones is pretty slow too, so pictures took awhile (I have a lot). I forgot I had tons of videos for some classes I took - about 100 videos, ranging from 50 MB to 300 MB. These were taking days to complete (20-70 minutes per video). I did finally stop the process and I will transfer what's left later.

    When I stopped the process in the middle of a video, I found that my contacts had not transferred. That's when I started the switch again and did only the contacts and found that there is a "finish" process for the contacts, so by stopping the transfer of the videos, the contacts were never completed. Doing the contacts only worked like a charm. All my notes in the contacts transferred too. Very relieved that that worked so well.

    The pictures, videos, etc that were copied were straight copies and don't need to be integrated into the system, so what I had copied to the Passport remained. The pictures viewed fine, but the video wasn't quite right - after about 30 seconds of play, the display showed parts of different screens. Turning the phone off and rebooting fixed that and everything is working great.

    I don't know which phones this app works well with, but transferring contacts and calendar info was a breeze, and for me that was the most important. Passing this along in case it helps someone else!
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    12-25-16 05:42 PM
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    I've used this app a few times and did the job I wanted. Thanks for the post.
    12-25-16 10:34 PM
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    Thanks, I would like your post, but the app doesn't give me that option!

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    12-26-16 06:32 PM

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