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    One of my banks (Chase) won't remember the Password Keeper, even though I go through the procedure to have them send me a code to enter, it will then access my account but every time I go back I have to go through the "we don't recognize this device" "send you a code" action. That's when I use PWK to access, if I tell PWK to access my bank by Browser, then PWK fill in PW doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong?

    I wrote Chase and they said it could be a cookie issue, once you go through the 'we don't recognize your device please enter our code we send you', there is supposed to be a cookie set.

    My device is Passport running latest OS.
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    07-29-15 08:15 AM
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    Many websites do not allow a paste for password. Sounds like your bank may be one of those. Seems silly in this world of password keepers but that is the way of life.
    07-29-15 08:21 AM

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