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    Anyone still purchase music on their BlackBerry? What are my options for DRM free music? I know I can buy them on my PC and move them over but I just wanted to know what I can run on my BlackBerry. I see 7digital is the only store available to me but it gets horrible reviews. I don't see anything in the amazon app store either.

    I'm on a BlackBerry classic

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    03-08-15 12:38 PM
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    Pretty much afaik digtal7 is it

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    03-08-15 01:20 PM
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    I don't use DRM free stores. Here are some links that may help.

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    03-08-15 03:04 PM
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    The Amazon MP3 app via Snap works for me. (For some unknown reason, the Amazon MP3 app isn't able to be downloaded from the Amazon App store. Go figure. )

    The 7digital app is the official way to get music onto your BB10 device, but recently the app only lets you purchase music; the downloading function is broken.

    UPDATE: Deleted the 7digital Android app downloaded from Blackberry World. Installed the 7digital Android app via Snap. I can now download music from 7digital.

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    03-15-15 07:19 PM
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    I should mention I've been using the Digital7 from snap as well I believe.

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    03-15-15 09:33 PM
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    So is the 7digital from snap good? Any reason I would use that over the amazon mp3 store?

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    03-15-15 10:46 PM

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