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    Hi - apologies if in wrong place.

    This only applies if you are just swapping SIM Cards mong from 3G to 4G with Orange and keeping the same phone and number.

    In the UK if you move contract from Orange to EE (you only would for the 4G) they send you a new SIM card and the change over process is painless - swap SIM over and before too long you get a text message or two, turn phone off and on and that's it, done.

    However when you look on your phone you have a different number and you'll panic a bit thinking WTF have they done. Relax - get someone to call your old number (if you get the dead tone the swap over hasn't completed) to confirm it's ok.

    What has happened is EE have send you a SIM preloaded with a new number in case you didn't have one.

    Fix is simple - Settings, Security and Privacy, SIM Card, Edit Phone Number, Enter your original number, Press OK then exit settings.

    Now when you go in to Phone you see the correct number.

    Not sure if the same applied to T-Mobile customers (Orange and T-Mobile are part of EE for the benefit of non UK peeps) nor for other devices. I know of a few people where this has made them panic a bit.

    The main point is all you're doing is moving from 3G to 4G with Orange (or T-Mobile) which therefore means you get shifted to an EE contract.
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    05-07-14 08:46 AM
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    It could go in the Other European forum but I can leave it in this more popular forum for a bit of visibility first before we move it. . Thanks for the heads up. I also expanded the title a bit to make it easier for it to come up in a search. Either way it's great info!
    05-07-14 09:17 PM
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    Cheers for the heads up. Worked changing from t mobile to 3.

    Steve/Boanerges Performance
    05-07-14 11:56 PM
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    If you are already an EE, T-Mobile or Orange customer and are upgrading to an EE plan, please follow the information on your SIM pack to keep your existing number.
    Find what to do when you've received your replacement 4GEE, T-Mobile or Orange SIM and want to keep your old number. If you are moving from T mobile EE just insert your new EE SIM card into your phone and you’re away.If you're moving from Orange to an EE plan all you need to do is insert your new SIM into your new or existing phone. These information very helpful during change of your number
    • PAC code - You can get your PAC (Port Authorisation Code) by calling your current mobile service provider. PAC codes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
    • Active EE, T-Mobile or Orange SIM - You'll need an active EE, T-Mobile[/URL] or Orange SIM to allow the transfer to take place.
    Copy the numbers you want to keep from your SIM to your phone, then after your number transfer copy them back to your new SIM. See our phones and device section for specific help on how to do this on lots of devices.
    Smartphone users can backup important information, like contacts, to the cloud. You can then restore this information from the cloud after your number transfer is complete.
    06-02-15 03:48 AM
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    Don't go to EE!!!! Just left EE for 3 Network. Was stuck on EE for two years. First they charged me 48/ month for 6Gig, I called and moaned then they offered me 23gig data for the same price then dropped it to 38 a month after a year. On 3 network I get 4G data unlimited @ 17 a month. SIM only 1 year contract. EE called and tried to convince me to stay but could not compete so they gave up. The closest to the 3 price was 20+ and they offered only 4gig or so. They're a rip off and don't offer a better service.

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    06-02-15 04:08 AM
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    A semi-related question to do with moving from Orange-UK to EE-UK.. I'm about to do the same but with a Blackberry OS7 device therefore using BIS.
    Ordinarily I would assume that when "moving networks" as this move is (OUK uses a different network code to EE-UK), that everything associated with the old network gets lost and then recreated from scratch - and I am expecting the same to happen with my BIS config.
    But has anyone else done this, and found BIS gets moved over? I suspect the "Blackberry ID" could well move across as it appears independent of network-service.
    10-05-16 02:29 AM
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    I did the same thing recently. It's also interesting to note that on older devices EE identifies itself as T-Mobile, so if you have a device that came from T-Mobile then it should work fine with a neww EE SIM.
    10-05-16 08:39 AM
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    For the benefit of others, this moved ended up being totally seamless from a Blackberry perspective. It was as if BIS was never turned off, just "disconnected" at certain points during the migration and then caught up afterwards. Even though I am now an "EE" customer and have "left" Orange, I'm still using the Orange BIS login at blackberry.orange.co.uk rather than the EE-branded page.

    Still, if that means my couple-of-dozen filters remain intact then fine by me...
    10-11-16 03:25 AM

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