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    I must admit, I was reluctant to give up the PKB. But I went ahead an purchased a Microsoft Lumia 950.

    Overall its been a very pleasant experience.


    The UI is best in class. Live tiles and the interface is beautiful and highly functional. Info at your finger tips that I think bb10 users would appreciate

    Linked inboxes - not sure if you can use every type of email address, but you can link inboxes in the mail app, and it works well for me.

    Unparalleled interopability with windows PCs

    Plenty of apps for most social networking, photo editing and so on - enough utlility apps for all but the more demanding "app power user"

    Continuum is a boss feature, handy for streaming, gaming and the like, not just productivity (still a limited number of compatible apps though).

    Notifications less crowded vs android

    Strong peripheral compatibility

    Cortana voice commands for texting etc and neat features like inline text reply which as yet, no other OS has. Which works well for productivity minded folk.

    Xbox intergration.

    For the phone itself, beautiful camera.

    More updates on their way, things like timeline, Cortana skills, fluent design system, cshell

    Very secure


    I miss the PKB - virtual can be as fast, but its less enjoyable and not as stamina oriented.

    There are a few app shortages, but nothing like BBW. In particular I need to use "lastpass" instead of my banking app (my one app sacrifice since moving, although I gained much more tbh, proper first party apps for major social networks, major chat apps, music streaming etc). Less "mobility apps", niche chat programs, travel software. For people used to bb10 this will be no biggie at all. There's plenty of web browsers in store, and more screen space to use em, if need be.

    Less games than ios or android, but enough quality titles to keep one busy unless one is game mad. Again, bb10 users are unlikely to notice anything lacking, given how they have faired game wise. ----In general the windows store is three times the size of BBW, and basically "must" grow, because the whole windows platform, desktop as well, depends on it. MSFT has basically earmarked UWP as "the future" in the same way they once did with win32. I've got three times the number of apps I ever installed on my bb10, or any android device, and I'll probably not use some of them.

    Multi-tasking is more limited than android (not that it's a central use to most people). For some, rare bb10 users, this might be an issue, given bb10 us true real time, but for most people it won't bother.

    Poor wearable compatibility. I know people use fitbit, and xiaomi and some of the bigger wearables with win10m, but it doesn't have the range of support for these as iOS or android. Same with smarthome stuff. This might matter to some people, but if you've been using bb10, chances are it doesn't matter much to you. You can just buy compatible gear if nessasary.

    In general, its been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I love my new phone and its OS. I do miss the keyboard but android being not for me, I decided to take the plunge and I am very happy with it.

    I would recommend this type of move to those looking for something after bb10, but not so keen on android or google.

    With a few caveats
    * UWP is not yet as big as the other big two. Likely somewhere between 700,000 and a million apps (ie more than amazon or BBW but less than ios or android). You won't get snapchat, or pokemon go, it's still in its early stages
    * MSFT appears to be transitioning in some fashion with mobile. Its possible they will move to 64 bit or similar after the end of this year. As such, you'll definitely get feature updates this year on a new-ish phone, but after that who knows - however you'll still get bug fixes and security and such for awhile, and the app platform is "bigger than mobile", so MFST is invested in growing it regardless. I also expect the feature updates this year will be kind of huge, even if they are the last for existing phones. If you are really worried about this, go HP - they seem to have the closest OEM relationship with MFST, and will have another phone out soonish.
    *If you want loads of apps, are a traveller who depends on mobility apps, a strong gamer, or someone deeply into IoT this might not be for you.
    *MSFT may release a new "phone" next year, something that isn't a candybar slab, something quite different. Its been sighted (seen) in the windows code, and looks like a dual screened folding device. If you want the longest support better to wait for HPs next one, or this. Me, it doesn't bother me, knowing I'll get some solid feature updates this year, and the apps will keep rolling in.

    But yeah, in general to those not android leaning, it feels like a solid move to me. And if you do, one small bit of advice - first thing, update the phone. The early builds were buggy. Insiders preview actually seems to be the cream of the crop, so I'd advise that.

    Peace, and if you choose keep enjoying your BB devices, android or bb10 All choices are solid choices here, they are only tools.
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    06-10-17 08:45 AM

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