1. sagii's Avatar
    Cannot understand why this 'blog'? makes such an effort to always report negative and disheartening news about BB? I mean at times it seems bent on destroying BB, and turning away any potential new users from choosing the platform. What would they gain from BB's demise? Makes you think, any one who puts this much energy into crippling a new product does so because its in the way. I sound like a conspiracy theory nut, but i don't know, just seems like a smeer campaign to me.
    07-21-13 11:15 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    They appear to be a financial site, which makes sense, given BBRY's nosedive post-earnings report.

    BGR, on the other hand...
    07-21-13 11:22 PM
  3. rthonpm's Avatar
    Motley Fool isn't an arm of either company. It's just another of the many Internet sites that do nothing more than give any fool (apt in this case) a voice, no matter how much real insight they can provide.

    Just avoid it since all it does is prove the phrase 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions and sloppy analysis'.

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    07-21-13 11:22 PM
  4. Poirots Progeny's Avatar
    I wouldn't go that far - they are one of the only sites that have disclosure re their own/the analysts own share holdings (for objectivity) and they aggregate and then dissect financial news... the same as Chris U does on CB.

    They are geared towards the novice investor and they do try to provide unbiased advice, and advice to help the novice investor not get burned. Whichever way you think; bottom line only buy BlackBerry if you have spare cash - at the moment it is volitile.

    Chris u had an article here asking if the share price could fall further. His article was great (if optimistic): the price has fallen. Indications are that it is going to fall further. There is real negative buzz re the future. One can't deny that this affects the share price - and so the opinion of the share price, as reported by sites.

    I'm not defending investor news sites. Many deal with shorts and many many many jump on the band wagon and try to illicit a market response - if many people go one way or the other, the difference is where money is made.

    The motley fool is, generally, more unbiased. They exist for the underdog investor, the hard working individual that is worried about his future and is having trouble saving. For that I, personally, put them apart.

    And I am not personally attacking you or disrespecting your opinion or trolling or whatever the young folk call it.

    I am merely trying to reply, to offer a balance. In the UK, these guys are really well respected - I "consult" in the financial sector and have to say, for the novice, they give a good conservative view. It is a shame but BlackBerry is a risk. That can't be painted in any other way or it would be dishonest. Of course, they're not saying BlackBerry is dead because BlackBerry is not. Not even close.

    And, for disclosure, I am an investor, and I love the underdog. And I invest in BlackBerry against all the advice I've been given. But then I have the spare capacity to do so and I'm a huge BlackBerry fan.

    And I am not affiliated, in any way, with the motley fool.

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    07-22-13 04:25 AM
  5. app_Developer's Avatar
    I've been reading motley fool almost since they started. No group is perfect, but they do a lot of great research from which I've benefited.

    We can't say everyone has an agenda for pointing out that Blackberry is in some trouble lately! I think most people who want Blackberry to make their comeback will admit that they need to stage a remarkable, historic, comeback.
    07-22-13 05:54 AM

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