1. the_radeon's Avatar
    Hey there, I saw someone who has posted the exact same question, but only with a reply with a link of the BlackBerry OS 'treasury'

    Here's my problem. Browser stopped playing videos in the background after I minimize the browser, also forgets what's been buffered and when I maximize the browser, it re-buffers the whole video again.

    And my signal reception has been changed. But only with 3G though. 4G and 2G works just fine. The problem with 3G is, even though I have full coverage where I live (to all 2G, 3G and 4G), the signal bars indicate 1 signal bar when on 3G, then when the phone switches to H+, it goes to full bars. Happens regardless of where I am.

    So I reloaded the OS using Link and weirdly again, Link downgraded my .2876 (SR .2836) to .2639 (SR .2474)

    The browser problem seemed to be solved (been like 2 weeks since I reloaded the software) but the signal reception problem still exist. This wouldn't be a problem for me if on device manager, Standby didn't show more than 10% battery usage, daily.

    And on many threads I've read that .2876 was battery draining.

    So what I'm asking here is not a link for the Blackberry 10 OS depository (which I already have), but your personal opinion on what you think the most stable and power efficient OS version is.

    My phone is a Z30 STA100-2

    Thank you,
    Have a great day!
    04-24-17 03:21 PM
  2. CB-BB-BBM's Avatar
    have you tried the 10.3.3 leaks yet,
    04-24-17 03:41 PM
  3. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    .2876 is what I used the longest..... but I always do a clean install, so I haven't seen too many issues with 10.3.3.

    The problem you will find, is results vary.

    You might load the same OS five times and have five different issues.
    You might get 100 Passport owner say .2876 works just fine on their Passport, but 100 Classic owners think .2888 was better.
    You might get 100 Verizon Z30 owners say that .2789 was the best version, but 100 ATT Z30 owners found .2876 was better.
    Never mind the issues that restoring data or that some 3rd party apps might have on anyone experience.... for good or bad.

    And at this point... you'll be doing good if 20 people chime in with what the "remember" to be a good OS.

    Best bet is do some trial and error and see what works best in your situation. (keep in mind that if you go 10.3.3, you can't go back).
    04-24-17 03:45 PM
  4. the_radeon's Avatar
    Exactly Dunt, don't wanna go for 10.3.3 just yet, 1. because it's not officially available for me as an OTA yet 2. there are ton of people complaining 10.3.3 has made their phones worse.

    Don't want that, and a complete 1.5gig update just for the sake of some improvements in the browser (current version is doing just fine)

    I will be reloading .2876 today and see how that goes. Will keep the thread updated!

    04-25-17 12:36 AM

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