1. bigbalaboom's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I have a Q10 running OS

    I installed a few Android apks and I found that most of these apps automatically detect/use /mnt/sdcard as the path for external sdcard.

    The problem is that /mnt/sdcard on my device shows nothing, it's an empty folder. I'v tried all the file explorers I can find in BBWorld, they all show the same.

    The working path is actually /accounts/1000/removable/sdcard, but most Android apps do not have an option to change it.
    This causes most of them not working.

    I'v tried to format the sdcard (settings - storage - format) but with no luck.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? How can I make the path /mnt/sdcard usable and visible to apps?

    Thanks for any tips and information in advance.
    02-06-14 08:54 PM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Secure wipe, start over. /mnt/sdcard is the correct path and is NOT empty.

    The actual and correct path to the Micro SD card is /mnt/sdcard/external_sd
    02-06-14 09:44 PM
  3. bigbalaboom's Avatar
    Now everything works fine.
    Both /mnt/sdcard and /sdcard are showing dirs and files correctly.

    Thank you very much, MobileMadness002.
    02-06-14 11:16 PM
  4. gamato's Avatar
    Hi. You mean wiping the device ? .. And can I restore from backup afterwards without any issue ?
    I'm asking because I have similar issue like OP ... I added SD card later after I bought Z30 (on 10.2.1 at that time) and all Android apps continued to use internal storage (emulated sdcard) and ignored real card. And actually now after upgrading to 10.3.1 my real SD card looks empty (another OS bug?). So what would be the best approach ? Thanks.
    03-27-15 06:44 AM
  5. gamato's Avatar
    And how do you make Android apps use external card ?
    Do you have to set each and every app (if even possible) ?
    03-27-15 11:06 AM

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