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    In this video, MKBHD make a comparison between today's modern assistants.

    Off course he didn't include Blackberry in the match up, but I did.

    Even when BB10 assistant is not up to what Google's and Apple's can do in terms of interaction, I think is not bad at all. Compared to Bixby and Alexa, you can say its doing great.

    Hope you enjoy:

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    08-05-17 09:58 AM
  2. yyz321's Avatar
    Cool comparison, the BB assistant seems to do a decent job keeping up.
    08-05-17 11:01 AM
  3. EFats's Avatar
    I honestly find BlackBerry Assistant pretty decent for controlling the phone basic features like setting appointment, getting weather, asking for my schedule, sending messages, etc.

    However, I'm still not sold on the voice control thing. I had that on my computer 20 years ago and it still hasn't taken off. It's not the technology, it's a people thing. I've not seen anyone, zero, at home, work or on the train commute ever use voice on their phone. It's just there are many things people do not want others to hear.
    Then there is the speed thing. Simple dictation has worked well on desktops for a while now, but most people type significantly faster than they can speak. On phones, I'm willing to bet most can accomplish the task faster by physical interaction.
    For example, Google 44th president of the USA, read the summary or click the first link that pops up. Most people will have read a lot of the summary and know how tall he is before you can even ask "How tall is he?"

    I acknowledge there are good use cases for this. When driving or when your hands are otherwise tied up with other things. So far seems to be limited though.
    08-05-17 11:35 AM
  4. G_Unit MVP's Avatar
    The major difference is that it doesn't have the ability to do follow up questions. But if you ask directly it will give you the right answer though.

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    08-05-17 11:56 AM
  5. Vistaus's Avatar
    I also think it's pretty decent. Sure, Siri can do more but I don't really need much more than what BlackBerry Assistant offers. The only small gripe I have is that when you start typing on the home screen, it takes a few seconds for BlackBerry Assistant to launch. Would be nice if it was instant. But other than that, I love BlackBerry Assistant

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    08-05-17 03:41 PM

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