1. holgrich's Avatar
    Dear all,

    I tried the forum search and google but I didn't find anything relevanted.

    Since two days my Q5 plays a notification sounds without cause and without any notification in the hub.
    The sound plays irregularly, sometimes once per minute, sometime once per hour.
    I didn't identify the sound yet, but I think it's some built-in m4a file.
    There is no setting or app that has such a notification sound, I checked all of them.
    Soft- and hard-reset didn't help.
    Changing the profile doesn't help (except for mute profile )
    No automatic update enabled, so updated should be the trigger.

    Any idea?
    02-02-16 05:27 AM
  2. onlybuggin's Avatar
    My z 30 occasionally does the same thing.

    Posted via CB10
    02-02-16 08:12 AM
  3. holgrich's Avatar
    But you didn't find a solution, right? When did it start to occur?

    Yesterday, I realised that the sounds only occurs when I have an active internet connection. No sound when I am on airplane mode. Any idea how to track which app is sending/receiving online requests?
    02-03-16 02:37 AM
  4. holgrich's Avatar
    Solved the problem by downgrading. Since this also contained a security swipe of the device, I can't evalute if a normal swipe w/o downgrade will fix it.
    02-05-16 04:53 AM

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