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    Ok I have a doozie here... I recently set up my xbox one to stream media and am running into a problem. The xbox one will only stream if I have my network set to work/home and my BB10 device will only stream over Link if my network is set to Private... So right now its one or the other.... This baffles me. Why would Link not let me stream over my home/work network? Also a bit off topic here, why does my xbox automatically stream without having to enter a code?(I have the box checked that users need to enter homegroup password to access files on my computer). Reason this is important to me is other people use my internet(with media servers) and I really dont want what I share with my xbox to be automatically shared with everybody. Is there any way to get link to work over a home/work network for streaming?
    11-30-14 11:06 AM

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