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    I have following question:

    When spam arrives in hub, I don't know how to mark it as such, and resort to simply delete it. However my email accounts then aren't learning new types of spam and I receive similar spam again and again.

    So in order to teach, I had to log in into each account using browser and use spam marking flag here, which is tedious.

    Is there any way how to mark spam directly in hub?

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    08-14-14 06:41 AM
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    I have following question:

    Is there any way to mark spam directly in hub?

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    Unfortunately, not at the moment.

    If you have your own domain, chances are you can set filters on your emails which can block spam from arriving to your phone, or mark it as [SPAM WARNING]

    If you use a third-party domain such as "@gmail" or "@rogers" then you will have to enable said features online if they are available to you.
    08-14-14 12:49 PM
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    Tell BlackBerry you would like this added at:
    Ideaprocess@blackberry.com and
    Remember, you won't get a personal reply so don't expect one...

    Crackberry Genius on Verizon STL100-4
    08-15-14 03:25 AM

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