1. ganipooja's Avatar
    Posted via CB10
    03-04-16 11:03 AM
  2. incey2000's Avatar
    You'll get it when Blackberry release it and not a moment sooner. End of topic.

    Rocking the awesome Z30,Q10 and the super awesome passport.
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    03-04-16 11:06 AM
  3. Faizan Syed's Avatar
    Is it over yet?

    Posted via CB10
    03-04-16 11:06 AM
  4. joeldf's Avatar
    Once you've been around here long enough, you'll learn the when BlackBerry gives a timeframe for something, it always comes at the end of that timeframe. Never does anything come any sooner.

    I just don't expect it until the last week of March. If we go into April, then I'll start to worry.

    Posted via CB10
    03-04-16 11:35 AM
  5. Bogdan Tudor Dan's Avatar
    Better later than unfinished.

    Posted via CB10
    03-04-16 11:41 AM
  6. Bostil1987's Avatar
    This forum is full of spam... there is no day left, where somebody doesn't ask for anything, that can't be answered by the guys here. Refer to the BlackBerry customer-service, if there is some...

    Posted via CB10
    03-04-16 12:03 PM
  7. Kryngle's Avatar
    The month just started. Shooot. At least let the month settle in.

    Posted via CB10
    03-04-16 12:45 PM
  8. MrGlenn's Avatar
    You'll get it whenafter Blackberry release it and not a moment sooner then only once your carrier decide to start pushing the update OTA, even with factory unlocked devices in some countries, or if you at that point use external means like autoloaders. End of topic.

    BlackBerry 10, Passport signed.
    03-04-16 12:48 PM
  9. pgg101's Avatar
    I know...I can't wait for NAIP certification. Everyone will be jealous. And Snapchat will start to work too.

    RedBerry Passport / / Telus
    03-04-16 12:53 PM
  10. incey2000's Avatar
    And what's the big rush? I don't think it will offer much to BB10 anyway. BB10 already works great.

    Rocking the awesome Z30,Q10 and the super awesome passport.
    03-04-16 12:54 PM
  11. tipplex's Avatar
    What can you do with the NAIP cert?

    Posted via CB10
    03-04-16 01:19 PM
  12. pgg101's Avatar
    What can you do with the NAIP cert?

    Posted via CB10
    For folks like us? Jack and shi+.

    RedBerry Passport / / Telus
    03-04-16 02:21 PM

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