1. Zee10berry's Avatar
    First my apologies if this post is misplaced.

    Wish to pay my respects to a friend who has decided to leave the legion of BlackBerry faithful. BlackBerry Hank aka @RiMarkable signed off blogging today. For many, Hank was a resource for all things BlackBerry. A BlackBerry purist, Hank was always willing to help even when BlackBerry was unable. I for one will miss you guy. Best of luck wherever your tech passion takes you.

    For so many years we had faith. Despite the negative public image, we held firm. We were BlackBerry. We were different. Despite the "issues" with both hardware and software we loved the product. Unfortunately, not so much these days.
    09-26-15 09:38 AM
  2. Uzi's Avatar
    Just read it, I feel the same tbh but I decided keep support them by getting the slider the form factor really tempting me to getting one..
    09-26-15 09:45 AM

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