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    As the os version 10.3.1 is out. I was also excited about it. But I didn't received any update on my phone, so I updated my z10 phone from web with os But it has many faults I don't have file manager or gallery or can't even keep a wallpaper. Certain apps are missing, I don't know if these version is a demo. So I downloaded some music apps to access my music. But now I am in need of another os, I tried to wipe my BlackBerry but I couldn't. So I want to know if a wait will I get the official update of os 10.3.1 on my phone? Please let me know if you are signed about the answer. I need help.
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    You mean you loaded
    Now you won't be notified because what you have now IS the official.
    You also must have loaded the OS incorrectly because tons of us used the files here and have no issues like the ones you describe.
    Get the files from here:
    and follow the guide in my signature to load this autoloader.

    IF you loaded then do what I suggested above.
    02-28-15 08:26 AM
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    Thank you so much, but i updated my phone by
    02-28-15 08:34 AM
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    Thank you so much, but i updated my phone by
    You loaded which is a developer OS that is bare bones with many missing apps. This is not a bug. It is how dev OSes are.

    Here are all available OSes


    Find your device and download whichever one you want

    If you load or 2267 those are the official OSes that were just released.

    If you load you can wait and see if your provider pushes out the update "over the air"

    Or you can connect your device to your PC and use link to restore your device to the latest official software.

    Via CB Running  PassportSQW100-1/
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