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    Hi, cutting to the chase, whatever I do, link does not see my device. I input in the SAME email on link on what I use as BlackBerry ID in my Q10, and no matter what refresh I do in the remote file access, it says that no device is associated with my ID.

    Before, I was able to do it. Then some time last month, without me installing anything or changing anything in my account or phone, it now doesn't recognize my device. Now I can't use remote file access at all.

    When I connect my device via usb on my laptop, it recognizes my device, I can do all stuff like update, transfer items, etc. It's just when in remote file access it is saying that no device is associated in my link.

    And on the file manager in my Q10, my pc does not show up, but before it did.

    In the accounts, BlackBerry link shows up.

    I tried signing out of link, reinstalling link, hard resetting my phone, reformatting my phone.

    Upon checking BlackBerry protect, my Q10 is seen under my BlackBerry ID.

    Any ideas guys?

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    01-22-15 11:43 AM
  2. anon(1852343)'s Avatar
    Update link

    Blackberry Passport running
    01-22-15 11:48 AM
  3. popengchan's Avatar
    Update link

    Blackberry Passport running
    Fully updated

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    01-22-15 11:52 AM
  4. Joshu42's Avatar
    Check your firewall rules for Link and restart your Wi-Fi Access Point/rooter. Check that you have a new DHCP lease with a new IP for each device (or change the IP of both the phone and computer if set as static).
    01-22-15 02:14 PM
  5. unical's Avatar
    It happened the same for me couple days ago, so I reinstalled BB 10 OS and after that I could use BB Link normally..

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    01-23-15 01:49 AM

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