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    I've been reading a lot of forum posts talking about how the competing platforms are so much better/efficient/robust than BB10. Even I, who recently made the decision to dual wield BlackBerry and Android, have to acknowledge there is a draw to iOS and Android devices in terms of consumer appeal. Whether or not we agree is irrelevant, but this is an observation of mine from my personal life.

    I have 2 jobs: I work in a group home and I work overnight at a retail store. I am the only BlackBerry user in both cases. I have observed in both fields the way my coworkers are sucked away from their workflow by their phones.

    In our group home there are 5 preteen boys. Part of our job is interacting with them. Over the past 6 months or so, the house manager has been notified (by the kids both directly and indirectly) that staff members are always on their phones. I never really paid much attention to that since I was working with the kids, playing games and helping with homework and projects and such. So I took about a month and just looked at what my coworkers were doing. One was sucked away by fantasy football and card games. Two were texting, tweeting and instagraming. One played Candy Crush on two devices like an addict. All of them in the same manner: sitting in a chair closed off from everyone. Only one of my coworkers would be in this mode during down time when the boys are in bed. The rest do it all during their shift. I nearly never had such an issue. No matter how many messages come in I'm able to keep up with the conversation by peeking and going back to work. When I do play games on my phone it doesn't break my ability to observe what the boys are doing to the point where they believe I'm ignoring them. I do many of the same activities (texting, Facebook, card games and most recently Trivia Crack) but BlackBerry 10 is so integrated into my way of doing things it never gets in the way of my job.

    At the store we're allowed to wear headphones and listen to music while we unload the truck and stock shelves. I use a pair of wireless headphones and listen to podcasts. I have noticed my other coworkers (with or without headphones, wired or not) take so much more time to find songs that are favorable to them in between listening, wasting valuable time. I switch between podcasts and YouTube videos regularly while I'm putting products on shelves, clearing cardboard from the floor or moving items to and from the stock room. Very seldom does it take me more than a few moments to find something to listen to while I work.

    All of this is observation from my point of view: iOS and Android are popular in my opinion not because of their particular capabilities (which are many and varied - no bashing) but because they keep people glued to the device they're using. I have no issue surfing the web on my Q10 or my Galaxy Tab in down time, but I noticed myself feeling a little withdrawn when I put my Galaxy Tab away to go back to work. I have never felt so sucked in that can't get back to what's important using a BlackBerry. This is why I will always have one so long as I can own one. It feels like it's connected to my life rather than the opposite.

    Again, observation and personal opinion. Has anyone experienced the same or seen the opposite where a BlackBerry user seems to be much less productive than the other users around him/her? I'd like to hear from the community.

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    02-09-15 08:30 AM
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    Just my opinion and observation but you seem to be correct about other platforms. Other than BlackBerry entertainment looks to be the primary focus. In my family we all use BlackBerry. At work I am the only one. My use is for productivity. The phone is a messaging monster. Entertainment is relegate to other devices in my life.
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    02-09-15 09:15 AM

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