03-31-15 02:28 AM
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    1. Notifications. They're improved on Lollipop but there's no tool for managing communications better than the hub at the moment.

    2. Usually you use the app for whatever your preferred service is. I used the gmail app and compared to BlackBerry, the + and - even out. BB manages email better but android displays them better.

    3. I use the exact same apps on android as I do on BlackBerry and I have the same number of ads. The thing is, many of those quality android apps that are ad driven have a paid version without ads... much like how most quality apps on BlackBerry are paid.

    4. In my experience, the only thing that beats Swype with 2 languages on android, is the classic's physical keyboard. I could type really fast 1 handed on android. Even now I'm not sure if I type faster on BB especially since I've started to have small double typing issues.

    5. Totally agree on privacy. Google cares more about ad revenue than its customers. There used to be better privacy settings. In one version they enabled app ops which was basically a switch for permissions like on BlackBerry and iOS, but they cut that out.

    I mostly agree with you but I don't think you chose the proper phone for the best android experience. Jellybean 4.3 is as old as BB OS 10.0 and while it's not bad, Lollipop 5 is a different story, especially the vanilla version. I don't know that particular device (and I don't like huawei), but just by looking at it's specs, a nexus or flagship LG/samsung/htc would have been better.

    A big plus for android is customizability. You can do lots of stuff with custom roms/exposed framework, you can really make the device "yours". But that is not for the average consumers.

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    03-31-15 02:28 AM
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