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    Feel free to move this thread to its correct subforum.

    Well. The other day i was hearing the ringtones on my Z10 to make a choice to different profiles, and i dont like the tones i had on my phone, so i remember that i liked the ones that were on my Blackberry Pearl Years Ago, and i start digging in the forum, and didnt get results immediatly, so i kept digging and i found someone that had the Legacy ringtones in one small zip, and i say OMG i have to download them.

    So here i am, happy with my Z10 with some of the Legacy Ringtones, Oh god!!! The Sonar sounds exquisite...

    i want to thank the one user that come along with the zip file, dont remember the username, but thanks...

    I want to share this tones with you... hopefully some of you wish to have some legacy tones on your BB 10.

    so here you are...



    Sorry if this is a double post, but i didnt find any like it...
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    10-17-14 04:05 PM
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    Yeah, I still like and use gunho and eager on my Z10

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    10-17-14 04:23 PM
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    In case you're looking to have them repeat notifications I looped em to play multiple times a while back.

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    10-17-14 04:55 PM

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