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    I loaded once it came out on my previous device, a Z10 STL 100-1 that was running a 10.1 leak. Did a Security Wipe and 10.2 ran pretty smooth, the only noticeable bugs were browser being a bit laggy and Hotspot/Tethering not working.

    Then I got my STL 100-3. I replaced the stock 10.0 OS with and did Security Wipe. The UI experience wasn't as smooth as it was on the -1, plus the known Hotspot/ Tethering bug and WhatsApp not showing all the favorites. Also noticed that if turned Wi-Fi off, when I restarted the device it was turned back on. So what I did, based on several posts reporting bug fixes, was to do a Security Wipe again on the .1047 and then reloaded the same .1047. All the mentioned bugs are now gone. Hotspot/Tethering working and got a very smooth and responsive UI, no app bugs and Wi-Fi won't turn back on if device is restarted.

    Sorry if I bored you guys with a long story, but had to share. So from now on my steps will be Load, Security Wipe and Load again. I don't work with backups, I just do a copy of the device folders and merge them after upgrading, but it might work as well with backup restoring. Hope it works for you all. Certainly worked for me
    08-17-13 01:01 AM
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    +1. And with removing the sd card before restoring always works with my stl 100-2. Restoring never failed so far.

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    08-17-13 01:13 AM

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