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    I would absolutely love this for my Z10 (and I'm fairly sure I'm not alone on this!) to have the ability to orientate all aspects of the OS to landscape mode when I dock it into my Multimedia Dock

    Obviously you don't need 100% landscape orientation support when carrying the phone around with you however I would like for the landscape orientation of the OS to be triggered (for example, when docking the Z10 into the HDMI Multimedia Dock or when the Z30 or Q10 connects via Miracast) and then enters a "desktop mode" where everything is re-organized, re-arranged and re-formatted to landscape mode to encourage using your BlackBerry 10 device like a Desktop lite?

    We have Docs To Go
    We have Email (and the excellent BlackBerry Hub)
    We have Instant Reply capability
    We have BBM (and BBM Voice and BBM Video)
    We have support for Bluetooth Mouse And Keyboard
    All BlackBerry 10 devices have a Micro HDMI port
    All BlackBerry 10 phones (bar the Z10) have Miracast capability
    BlackBerry 10 has the best browser
    All have the ability to accept MicroSD cards
    All have the Box.net and Dropbox built into the File Manager

    I honestly don't see why we can't tap into this powerful potential and market the BlackBerry 10 solution as our be all and end all solution for: -

    "Mobile Computing Platform"

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    02-11-14 06:55 AM
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    I'm posting this here in the hope that those of you who are registered on BlackBerry Beta Zone will either +1 he post or give it a like


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    02-11-14 08:22 AM
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    Been waiting for this for a while already

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    02-11-14 08:35 AM

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