1. incongruent's Avatar
    I want to organize my apps into pages. Wouldn't it be nice if we could label the pages?

    As a workaround, is there an app I can use to create an icons and put them on the top left of every page to use as a makeshift page label?

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    10-26-14 11:10 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    havent seen anything like that. But how many pages do you have? you cant remember what each page is. Like 1 games, 2 utilities, 3 social media
    10-26-14 11:33 AM
  3. incongruent's Avatar
    - figured out a workaround. Goto Google images. Find a square image with around 1000px * 1000px. Then add the bookmark to home page. Name it what you want the page category to be. Repeat as many times as you have pages and drag then into top left slot on each page.

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    10-26-14 01:26 PM
  4. howarmat's Avatar
    10-26-14 01:37 PM
  5. incongruent's Avatar
    Result... I'm also considering using different icons to better suit each page's purpose. But I like the same icon better for easier quick identification of the page label icon.
    Labelling app pages-img_1414364555154.jpg

    Posted via CB10
    10-26-14 06:04 PM
  6. FrankIAm's Avatar
    Lol 1000*1000? The whole screen is 1440*1440. What's wrong with folders? This is probably a first and only time request.
    10-26-14 06:05 PM
  7. incongruent's Avatar
    1000px because If you do anything less than 1000px *1000px then it doesn't take up the whole icon size and leaves white space.

    Labelling app pages was part of bb7 if I recall correctly.

    I'd rather see all apps on my pages instead of only the first 4 in a folder icon. Also I prefer to just swipe left & right to nav my pages or hold and drag the page nav bar at the bottom to quickly span the entire list of pages. I don't like the slow down of jumping in and out of folders.

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    10-26-14 06:16 PM
  8. nycspaces.'s Avatar
    Hopefully we can eventually get the option to just place icons and folders where we want them without the auto organize function that starts in the upper left corner.

    I would prefer to have the apps I use the most in the Lower Right hand corner so they are easily reachable in one-hand mode. Same with the back arrow, although that is more intuitive on the lower left side. (As a right handed person).

    While we are at it...why does bbry have accept and cancel organized the opposite from other os's? When installing apps feels like accept should be the right not the left option.

    Posted via CB10
    10-27-14 07:37 AM

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