06-06-15 07:38 AM
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  1. waterfrontmgmt's Avatar
    ?... Makes no sense.
    it might be simple but it's pretty unreflected to.
    02-23-14 02:23 PM
  2. TiFr3d's Avatar
    I've not read the last 22 pages, but i own a iphone 5 (iOs 8) and an Lumia 1080 (WP 8.1, WP 10.0 preview) my tought about os (not hardware):

    - iOS 8 PROS : Numerous good apps such as evernote w/ due date, fantastical, IFTTT... and HTML mail signature, well designed for zero inbox workflow
    - iOS 8 CONS : Pitiful notifications customisation.

    - WP 8.2 PRO : "Live tiles" quick view
    - WP 8.2 CONS : everything else.

    - BBOS 10.3 PROS : Perfect PIM, with native due date for flagged email, native add to calendar, Perfect notification customisation and switching (meeting/bedside...). Agenda meeting with quick access to related email or contact...BBM w/ video,...Blend is great too. Answer too en email with another mailbox.
    - BBOS 10.3 CONS : Poor app store with some major app/feature missing (native app for todoist, wunderlist, toodledo, asana producteev, azendoo, asana....). No HTML signature. No easy access to mail folders (would be great to add quick access shortcut on left hub ribbon, top hub access is not practical)

    I mainly work with an exchange server mailbox : zero mail inbox / flagged email / task / mail folders and evernote/dropbox. Project are managed with manage it. this workflow can be applied on these OS.
    06-06-15 07:38 AM
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