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    Hopefully this is in the correct place as I'd like to share my hybrid upgrade experience that was completely accidental (and I would NOT recommend). In a house full of iMacs (and actually one Linux PC) I'm always left out of the OS leaks (Forgot to mention that I'm using a Verizon Z10 STL100-4 with firmware I was using Sachesi to side load some apps and out of curiosity I tried updating through it. To my surprise there was an update (some 10.2.xx) and I quickly applied it then after it was done I realized I applied the update for STL100-2. My phone wouldn't boot up, just showed the BlackBerry logo so I tried applying the normal update (10.1.xx) for STL100-4 through Sachesi and it booted. I was expecting to have to wipe/reinstall everything through BBLink so that was a plus that it wasn't needed. Next to my surprise I have most if not all the features of 10.2.xx, priority hub, drop down notifications, new ring/message tones, pop-up keyboard functions just ask and I'll see if it's there. I went to settings to see what my firmware said and it's still (currently) Android runtime wasn't working (I had the blue bar crash) but a simple forum search sent me to this link
    KB35312-Android applications will not open or run after upgrading to BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.0.x

    So everything works fine now as far as I can tell. I didn't try loading other Android apps yet but everything else is working perfectly as far as I can tell. I'll try to answer any questions about it but I wouldn't recommend doing what I did. It might seem stupid/piontless but it was the best turnout of a mistake. Again, just thought it was worth sharing my experience.

    Oh and happy Thanksgivukkah to anyone who is celebrating!

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    11-28-13 04:20 PM
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    So what OS are you currently on? I would get off 10.1 ASAP
    11-28-13 04:54 PM
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    Glad to hear that a mistake turned into something positive.
    The reason you have the 10.2 features on 10.1 is because when you reinstalled 10.1 via Sachesi, it did not overwrite the 'newer' version of the apps. So you end up with 10.2 apps on 10.1 core OS

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    11-28-13 07:07 PM

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