02-16-21 02:48 PM
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    As an email client, what advantages does the HUB have today over modern, actively-supported products like Nine and Aqua?
    You are making a false comparison. HUB is a modern app, and it is still actively supported. Support could certainly be better, but I wouldn't go as far as to suggest it's non-existent. Let's see what happens with call logs before we completely write it off.

    As for which features I prefer over other apps, that is obviously a personal preference. I don't see much point debating those merits with you. Particularly given you claim to have been using it until fairly recently, and there hasn't been a major change in functionality other than loss of call logs since Pixel 5 / Android 11...at least none of which I am aware?
    02-16-21 02:48 PM
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