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    Since the 10.2 official update I haven't been able to receive BBM toast notifications. I've tried to follow a few tips I've found in the forums, but have had no luck. When I went into my notifications option under settings and clicked on BBM, the option was grayed out with a message saying I had to set up my BBM in order to set up the options. My BBM is set up and has been working fine. I've been through all the options and can't seem to figure it out. The only thing I can think of is that I have BBM Channels installed. Could that be my problem? Does anybody know anything else it could be?
    Issue When Trying To Set Up BBM Toast Notifications-img_00003886.png

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    10-24-13 04:21 PM
  2. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    Yeah, BBM Channels seems to not be cooperating with the new OS. I've seen your issue in several threads too. I'm sure you have tried resetting your device (holding the power button) ?
    10-24-13 05:11 PM
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    Sideload Bbm and test. My toasts work with and without channels.

    Tonnes of info available on here in how to load .bar

    BlackBerry since 2006. Z10 Rogers 10.2. Halifax, NS.
    10-24-13 06:29 PM
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    Sideloading a non-channels BBM worked for me, you can re-install Channels after you have toggled all your existing contact's preview settings to ON (which Channels doesn't let you do). I posted this in a similar thread:

    Alright... I think I found a solution for us that had Channels during the update, and are experiencing the 'only some' contacts work symptoms.

    Check out this thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-10-os-f269/solution-bbm-toast-issue-864677/index2.html#post9405386

    In particular:

    Alright! I tried it and it does indeed work!

    So, if you had Channels BBM installed during the upgrade to 10.2 and the actionable notifications are not working despite every possible setting, then just do the following:

    Step 1) Download normal BBM sys.bbm-
    Step 2) Sideload it onto your BB10 device (I just drag and dropped it in using Sachesi)
    Step 3) Open BBM on device, let it set up (Note that you will lose your conversations!)
    Step 4) Follow the OP's "Step 3" to toggle each BBM contact's preview setting 'off' and then back 'on'
    Step 5) Re-install Channels from Beta Zone if you want it back. All the preview settings for existing contacts will stay as you left them ('on'), and any new contacts will default to 'on'.

    Good luck!
    10-24-13 09:08 PM
  5. bgregory902's Avatar
    OK, strange thing happened to me. As I stated above I was getting no BBM toast notifications. I haven't done anything since. All of a sudden, I start getting them from one of my contacts and one only.

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    10-25-13 07:27 PM
  6. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    Is it a new contact (added after you updated)?

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    10-25-13 07:42 PM
  7. bgregory902's Avatar
    No, it's actually my wife's. Who I was actually originally testing out the toast notifications with and couldn't get it to work.

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    10-25-13 09:23 PM
  8. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    Bizarre... Well, I sideloaded the .53 BBM and got the ability to individually toggle each contact's preview setting. Once I did that everything started working as intended. I then re-installed Channels and everything kept working.

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    10-25-13 09:38 PM
  9. bgregory902's Avatar
    And BBM contact number two just started giving toast notifications. Very strange! I'm going to see if this just works itself out.

    Posted via CB10
    10-25-13 10:33 PM

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