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    Update: Was in contact with support, and it was fixed with excellent communication. I recommend the app, and don't hesitate to use the feedback button, or to email them with your username and issue; they'll fix it!

    Hi, this app Intouch Contact backup (w.e name is) seems to not download contacts to my z10 anymore. This started happening since yesterday, when I reinstalled .1762, and continued into the newest leak (.1916?).

    I'm wondering if anyone else was having the same issue, I'm hoping I'll be able to download onto my torch then backup and do a restore to z10 through link, however this has definitely taught me a lesson and I'm going to look for another contact backup solution. I don't like the email backup shenanigans, because I always end up with duplicates and triplicates.


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    05-23-13 12:25 PM
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    hey i just wiped my z10 and used this app to restore my contacts. it works perfectly. got back all my contacts. perhaps it has something to do with the leak that you have? maybe this version of the app does not support that version of the OS just yet?
    05-23-13 01:35 PM
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    Hmm, I still get the error after reinstall and on bb torch I get no internet connection available error. I guess I have to wait until future os leak, or I get reply from them.

    I tried on same version I had before and it was still broken though (.1726)

    Thanks, for the reply.
    05-23-13 04:24 PM
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    Ok, just an update so first: intouch support is the best I've ever seen, they reply within minutes and it's like I'm talking to a friend from everday.

    There, actually is/was an issue, and they're going to send me a bar file to sideload in a few minutes.

    I'll post it up here, so that anyone else looking for it will find it too. If I see that it's a bigger issue, I'll make a new thread (not sure if I can change the title here) so that people will know where to go straight from google.

    All in all, amazing experience.
    05-24-13 01:48 PM
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    So they've fixed the issue now, and without me side loading. All in all 10/10 experience. Highly recommend, first experience with mobile support but,light years ahead of pc.
    05-25-13 06:39 AM
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    Their support is really excellent. I've been using their app since 10.0 and I've been very vocal about them because of their excellent support.
    05-25-13 08:02 AM
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    just downloaded Intouch to a blackberry bold 9600
    It appears in the downloads folder but when clicked generates the following error:

    error starting Intouchld module 'net_rim_bb_qm_platform' not found

    I've emailed InTouch support but no response as yet - does anyone know how to fix this?
    Edited 3 hours later.
    Ok colour me impressed - InTouch support had a 4 hour turn around on my question and responded with the correct solution - upgrade BBM.
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    how long does it typically take for contacts to be restored?

    I have 97 contacts, and it will download them, and then say its completed. but 2 hours I still don't have any contacts...
    10-02-13 02:09 PM
  9. fairycake's Avatar
    I used it only a couple of weeks ago to swap contact from my bold to my super Z10 and it worked a dream. I continue to back my contacts up with it when i add new ones etc and not had any problems as yet...would highly recomend it. top marks
    10-02-13 02:18 PM
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    I used it only a couple of weeks ago to swap contact from my bold to my super Z10 and it worked a dream. I continue to back my contacts up with it when i add new ones etc and not had any problems as yet...would highly recomend it. top marks
    how long did it take for you z10 to download the new contacts? were you on wifi?

    edit: got it sorted out, when you are backing up and restoring you're contacts, I reccomend using wifi.
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    10-02-13 02:47 PM
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    I'm a bit suspicious of the messages that suggest that the support for InTouchApp is "excellent". I sent the following to them on June 29th. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks and I HAVE NOT HAD A RESPONSE (and I have a paid subscription).

    I have installed InTouchApp on 2 Windows PCs and 2 Blackberry devices. At first glance it seems to do what I expected except for a couple of things.

    Firstly, on one of my PCs I did not have the latest version of .net framework (I had version 4.0). So your app complained that I needed .net framework and then asked me if I wanted to download it. Problem was that it pointed me to the wrong web page resulting in a download and install of 4.0 again. This was not immediately obvious to me, however, the good news is that at least you had indicated in the error message that I needed 4.5, so I searched for that version on Google, went to the appropriate web page, downloaded and installed it and away I went. You might want to fix your link related to this error message.

    Second, I have duplicates remaining after synching all my devices, so Im not sure whats going on or what your app is actually designed to do behind the scenes. A bit more information would be helpful. What exactly are you comparing to determine whether an item is a duplicate? Are you requiring that every field in the contact record match in order to determine that a record is a duplicated or just certain fields? I would think off the top of my head that I would want to declare that two records are duplicates ONLY if the Contact Name, Company Name and Business Phone Number are the same. What algorithm do you use? And what do you do with the other information in fields which differ when you merge the two records? Or in fact DO YOU merge them, or do you simply Link them as the recent versions of Office permit? And also, at what point does this checking for duplicates take place? Is it immediately after the first upload to your server is complete? It appears that this might be a separately schedule batch task sometime after the upload/synch. Can you indicate somehow if and when that check and merge is completed? (like perhaps an information indicator on the Contacts screen that says Contacts have been checked for duplicates). What triggers a further or on-going check for duplicates thereafter or is each ADD checked for duplication after that? Documentation of these aspects of the app would permit a better understanding of what to expect and if it doesnt seem to be producing the desired results then why.

    Third, when the synch is taking place from a device to the master server copy, it would be more useful to display the record count remaining to be synched than to display the names of the contacts as they are being synched (displaying the names tells me nothing Id rather know how much longer I have to go. With just the names displaying, I have no idea.)

    Other than this, I would say good job. This is an app which is much needed (particularly in the Blackberry world where Blackberry Link is a disaster and results in terribly unreliable and inconsistent results, including frequent duplication of contacts)

    Fred Johnston
    07-12-15 12:31 PM

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