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    Does OS10 support IPv6 over wifi? I have wifi network with IPv6 up and running, all my devices are getting SLAAC address, except my Z10. In WiFi>Advanced>Ping there is option to choose IPv6. SLAAC most likely doesn't work (or is it only problem with my Z10STL100-2/, I will test DHCPv6 also. But it would be nice if anyone would shed some light on this topic.

    Edit: After setting up ipv6 dhcp still no ipv6 address on BlackBerry Z10. My Linux machine and Windows 10 are getting ipv6 addresses. Interesting thing is, in Settings>About>Network there are separate fields for mobile ip configuration and wifi ip configuration. In both sections there are IPv6 address field and both have only link local address.

    Edit 2: After some fiddling, I found that in wireless settings there is switche to enable or disable IPv6 and by default it's disabled. After enabling I can confirm that both, SLAAC and DHCPv6 are working.
    Case closed.
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