1. BBsheerish's Avatar

    This is sheerish I am not able to update to 10.2 os. While installing it gives me inturption error.

    Interuption error while installing 10.2 update.-img_00000787.png
    Interuption error while installing 10.2 update.-img_00000786.png

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-13 01:12 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Hi there, welcome to CrackBerry! You need WiFi for uninterrupted download, unfortunately, 1GB is quite large for a carrier to carry lol.
    11-03-13 01:14 AM
  3. BBsheerish's Avatar
    Actually i tried it on wifi...it gives me above error..i tried 3 to 4 times..please suggest me on this..

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-13 01:17 AM
  4. wasalph's Avatar
    You might want to try redo using another wifi source, your current wifi might have change IP a lot of times a day

    11-03-13 01:21 AM
  5. BBsheerish's Avatar
    I tried over through sytem also..but it gives error while downloading...r u sure is it due to wifi source..I also reset my device and tried but same problem occurs...

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-13 01:36 AM
  6. zocster's Avatar
    Have you tried using BB link?
    11-03-13 01:15 AM
  7. BBsheerish's Avatar
    Yes i tried through pc suite...

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-13 01:21 AM
  8. zocster's Avatar
    are you able to use another source of internet as advised by previous poster?
    11-03-13 01:35 AM
  9. Nomad_Obvs's Avatar
    I also have the exact same problem for over a week now. Still no solution. Tried updating over wifi several times at home, twice at a friend's house and once at work. No luck getting the connection to the update server.
    A few times while using USB+ BlackBerry Link seems to work up till a point (about 45% progress) and then it just sort of cancels its self. And when I return to check my phone, no error message etc.
    Are there a few others that are having this problem ?

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-13 06:42 AM
  10. BBsheerish's Avatar
    Yes friend i also tried over different wifi connection..with sim inserted and without sim..but getting same error.firstly it showed me 465 mb I downloaded i installed it later again it showed me of 1 gb. Data..so please provide me any solution...

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-13 08:32 AM
  11. BBsheerish's Avatar
    Hii any airtel user faced same issues..I am on airtel maharashta..is it related to any carrier specific update....??

    Posted via CB10
    11-04-13 03:51 AM
  12. MrHeth's Avatar
    happened to me now :S
    i have tryed 5 times .. cant installing
    11-07-13 03:25 AM
  13. BBsheerish's Avatar
    Try over different wifi and make sure there are no firewall setting for the network.

    Posted via CB10
    11-12-13 09:20 PM
  14. guygardner73's Avatar
    Try with a different sim if you're unlocked.

    Z10STL100-2/ O2 UK
    11-12-13 10:32 PM
  15. rdgroulx's Avatar
    Z30 phone from Bell (Canada), fully unlocked and using in Brasil
    Started with a full wipe and started the update but I cannot even download it.

    Tried via phone: too large, which is stupid because you can bypass via tethering
    Tried via Wifi using Link: crashed at 4% repeatedly
    Tried via hard cable on gigabit company LAN: crashed repeatedly
    Tried via phone tethering and got to 12 %, crashes repeatedly now, instant fail.

    Wtf is going on??
    01-30-14 09:44 AM

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