1. Vova M's Avatar
    Good afternoon to all blackberry fans)
    I am new in blackberry.
    I have tried hard to find some kind of firewall for Internet connection but fail(
    Looking for smth like OperaMax in android or DroidWall...
    The problem is I am going abroad and need to restrict data usage to email and messenger only. Even if apply parental control and disable browser etc, I noticed some data leak. About 2 mb for night compared to 200 kb in android with only messenger running(
    Any suggestions?
    Need your help

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    07-31-17 05:32 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I think the only option is in the permissions....

    I know 3rd Party Android Firewalls won't work, and back years ago when BB10 was still relevant some wanted this type of control. But it was said BlackBerry's APIs would not allow it.

    Disable the Mobile Data permissions for all but "key" apps. But the OS itself is going to call home....
    07-31-17 09:55 AM
  3. Vova M's Avatar
    But how can I do that?
    In app permissions there is no Internet permission. There are location, shared files, camera... but there is no Internet(. I have read that it was in previous version of blackberry os but not in 10.3(
    It seems like this permission can be removed with Native SDK development tool. But as long as I understood it can be done with BAR file. And then installed... but it's not acceptable for me because there is need of basic knowledge of Native SDK, laptop, and install bar files(((

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    07-31-17 10:13 AM
  4. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    There were a lot of these features in BBOS, but many of them were only valued by a few users and were not implemented in BB10. If the OS had survived things may have been different. Your best bet, and what I do is turn off mobile data and just use Wi-Fi. Make sure all the services you use are used TLS connections and you should be fine.

    07-31-17 11:53 AM
  5. Vova M's Avatar
    Thanks for reply)
    I am sorry what is TLS and how does it help with data leak?

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    07-31-17 02:39 PM
  6. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    Thanks for reply)
    I am sorry what is TLS and how does it help with data leak?

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    TLS is transport layer security. It doesn't help with data leaks as you call them, turning off mobile data does that. Using TLS, or in some places it will be called SSL helps keep your data safe when using Wi-Fi.

    07-31-17 03:18 PM
  7. Vova M's Avatar
    Thanks for info)
    Honestly saying I little disappointed by blackberry os(
    It's my first try of blackberry and I was going to use it as my second phone for messaging while abroad. But it became useless without internet firewall or simple permission disabling.

    I am fan of physical qwerty keyboard and form factor such as Q10 or classic but lack of features which are really important make this phone on blackberry os not full( unfortunately(

    So I will be waiting for smth like keyone but not so large and with fully functional HUB. I think there should be fully sensor display or small comfort as Q10... that is why I am not going buy keyone. IMHO)

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    07-31-17 03:40 PM
  8. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    You have to use what works for you.

    07-31-17 05:03 PM
  9. wolfydaniel's Avatar
    @Vova M ... I'm in the same situation as you.
    I`m a seaman I travel a lot and I use ChatSim in roaming to communicate at home. The issue of mobile data control is also a big problem for me.
    After trying to use some android firewalls, like NoRoot firewall, Unsuccessfully of course. These types of applications do not work in BBOS.,
    My solution for not losing too much MB traffic is:
    - Unchecked all applications the option to run in the background,
    - Via PlayBook App Manager, I've used the Terminate button for all Internet traffic-intensive applications like BBM, BB World, Browser, Maps (I only left Messenger and Whatsapp apps)
    - I also deleted both Amazon applications. I don`t know exactly how, but I noticed that these applications make Internet consumption in the background.
    If you closed these applications via PlayBook, as long as you do not open the application, do not touch that icon, it will not start, will not consume in the background.
    So I've reduced Mb consumption in roaming for normal performance is getting closer to an Android OS.
    What you can not close is BB System and Android Player. These 2 system components seem to be the most responsible for consumption besides what you want to use, Messenger, Wapp, email ...
    But for email, there are many options for setting up consumption, resizing, roaming limit...
    I hope I've been helpful with this informations. Of course, I would like also a native firewall internet application for my BB Passport ...
    08-04-17 02:04 AM
  10. Vova M's Avatar
    Thanks for reply)
    I am exactly in same situation) I am seaman and using ChatSim)
    How did you uninstall amazon app? I've tried but it can't be deleted completely(
    I use parental control. It helps to disable some app.
    But over night I have 2 mb wasted only with telegram running(((
    It shows about 1.5 mb used for System... which seems to be one of most "hungry" app. I guess this because of constant connection to BES (blackberry sign in top right corner)
    I just wonder if disconnect device from blackberry ID helps solve this problem(System data usage)?

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    08-04-17 07:38 AM
  11. wolfydaniel's Avatar
    I have already tried to log out of BB ID, it does not help. Moreover, you will always have notifications in the hub for reconnection.
    I have tried in many ways to make my BB a normal android-like Mb. consumption. But it seems that the BB security filter must be a compromise for extra consumption.
    More bad is, on some vessels you have WiFi just for socializing, messenger, whatsupp, with a very limited connection. Everything OK on Android phones, but not on my BB. If the connection is too weak, the right icon does not appear, no connection is made to the phone applications. You will only receive notifications in the hub: Limited connection, change the wireless network.
    I use CCleaner.apk for uninstall Amazon apps, and PlayBook for total removal.
    After a while, the Amazon icons will appear again, but they are nothing, just app install commands. If you leave them in a folder, it does not bother with anything.
    08-04-17 10:05 AM
  12. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    I don't know how low usage you are trying get your mobile data usage. My BB10 uses between 150 and 200 MB per month with out any special effort.

    The BlackBerry symbol indicates that the phone is able to connect to the BlackBerry servers. If this doesn't come on the phone will prefer mobile data so things work. Some WiFi access points filter this out. All you have to do is turn off mobile data and the phone will use the Wi-Fi, unless the access point doesn't allow it.

    Other than that it seems you have to decide if a BB10 phone is really what you want. It sounds to me you would be happier with Android.

    08-04-17 03:25 PM
  13. wolfydaniel's Avatar
    We talked here about mobile data connection in roaming. As shown in the topic posts. Where, of course, in roaming any Mb matters. When you are at home or have WiFi, do not think about this. And yes, connecting to BB servers produces additional Mb. consumption. It's good to know for those in our situation as Seaman`s.
    08-05-17 10:45 AM
  14. Vova M's Avatar
    I have tried hard but seems it's really impossible restrict internet connection to some certain apps(
    I though about different approach. Maybe establish VPN connection and apply some firewall or rules to that connection. But I failed too. The only service I was able to connect is ZoogVPN. They give 2 gb monthly. But there is no any firewall(
    Unfortunately I've been spent one week but found nothing(

    Posted via CB10
    08-05-17 11:03 AM
  15. Vova M's Avatar
    I've just received reply from ZoogVPN. For now they don't have firewall option(

    Posted via CB10
    08-05-17 11:23 AM
  16. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    We talked here about mobile data connection in roaming. As shown in the topic posts. Where, of course, in roaming any Mb matters. When you are at home or have WiFi, do not think about this. And yes, connecting to BB servers produces additional Mb. consumption. It's good to know for those in our situation as Seaman`s.
    Which is why I travel, and recommended, turning mobile data off. BB10 is what it is and is not likely to change. If Android does better at what a user wants then the user is better off using Android.

    08-05-17 05:19 PM
  17. Leyra B10's Avatar
    Try the parental controls.

    Posted via CB10
    08-19-17 11:43 PM
  18. Vova M's Avatar
    Thanks for suggestion. But it's impossible to block all apps except ones I need in parental control. I disable all possible but still extra data leak(
    It seems I should adopt it...there is no proper firewall for blackberry 10 devices(

    Posted via CB10
    08-25-17 11:29 AM
  19. Leyra B10's Avatar
    Could try disabling protect, reload your soft ware do not enable diagnostic, set a data limit apply parental controls dont download anything or add any accounts only use the password keeper for browsing, email, etc set tls to high and encrpyt it. Keep it face down with low power mode in advanced interections but enable them in the battery sav mode set keep airplane mode on and bedside mode with network settings off. Maybe look into Cisco VPN on blackberry and what you need to enable it.

    Posted via CB10
    08-28-17 01:23 AM

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