1. Fatboy40's Avatar
    Due to the nature of the business I work for installing Link is not appropriate, however, there are times where the local storage (not the micro SD card) of the BB 10 device needs to be accessed. Unfortunately this is not possible as no device drivers has been installed as we have not installed Link.

    Is it possible to obtain just the device drivers on their own for BB 10 devices so these can be installed without link ?. I see that when you plug in a BB10 device you have access to the executable for version 7.1 of Device Manager, is this all that I would need ?.

    10-15-13 07:47 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I don't install Link at all. I just use my BB as a storage device and see the contents of the card.
    Is this what you want to do???
    EDIT: ah is see you don't want the card. You want internal access.
    I don't use my internal storage so Im sorry I can't help you there. I was just looking for a way to carry things home from work but unable to install Link. SO I use my card.
    10-15-13 08:22 AM

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