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IMAP Emails disappearing in blocks from Classic but not PC. Ideas?

Asked: Jan 23 2015 | 3:57 pm EST 4707 Views 7 Answers View Best Answer

Hi all - I've got a user who is reporting that her emails are disappearing in blocks (a few at a time) from her handset. They are all there on the PC in Outlook however.

I could see this if the PC was set to POP3 as the PC would steal them all.. but not for IMAP.

Any ideas?


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Jan 23 2015 | 4:40 pm EST Ecm

It sounds like the email retention period needs to be adjusted.

For an IMAP account (such as Gmail):
On OS 10.2.1, you have to select the sync period option when setting up the account -- so you'd have to delete and re-add it. Use the standard email setup, until you get to the screen that gives you the option to toggle on/off contact/calendar sync. Tap "Advanced" at the bottom. Scroll to the very bottom, and set the "Initial Retrieval amount" to "Forever" (or your preferred sync period). You can also set your sync interval here as well.
On OS 10.3.x, you can now change the email synced to your device. Go to Settings > Accounts. Scroll down and select from the drop-down "Sync Timeframe".

Note that if you'll be syncing a lot of messages, you should be on WiFi, unless you have a very generous data plan.

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Jan 23 2015 | 4:44 pm EST nobbynobrains

Are the blocks somehow related to time? Is it the oldest that are disappearing?
I use ActiveSync and I first had this trouble with the timeframe not set to forever. It was lopping off old emails outside the "sync window". I don't have an imap connection to test but it may be similar?

Jan 26 2015 | 8:53 pm EST WArcher

HI there.

I had to go and touch the machines myself to see what was really going on. It turns out that the PC was NOT set to IMAP but POP3 instead. Grrr. So Every time the user turned on her Outlook the POP3 protocol would go and steal all the email from GoDaddy. Of course the BlackBerry handset would see there was "nothing" there and synchronise appropriately hence the "lost" emails.

After backing up her .PST file on her PC I deleted and then recreated her email account using IMAP. Afterwards I imported all the 'old' emails from her .PST file into her IMAP inbox which caused the BlackBerry to synchronise properly.

Sorry for the false alarm, all. I appreciate the support and ideas, however.


Jan 27 2015 | 6:20 am EST rthonpm

Glad to hear you got it solved. POP email needs to just die: IMAP has become very easy to implement and very few people have only a single device to access their mail.

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Jan 27 2015 | 7:08 am EST kokijak

Does that mean with this way,you can retrieve old mails on your device? Correct?

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Jan 27 2015 | 7:16 am EST Ecm

Does that mean with this way,you can retrieve old mails on your device? Correct?

De France avec un Z10
For an IMAP account like Gmail, correct. I have set up one of my Gmail accounts that has messages going back to 2006. All messages sync to all my devices.

Jan 27 2015 | 7:19 am EST kokijak

I got Big hopes! I try it right now, its a mail.com account,so we will see

De France avec un Z10

2hours after : ITS WORKING GREAT!!!