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    Hey everyone! For the longest time I thought it was impossible to edit or add new email folders/tags from my BB10 device. I just could not find it in any overflow menu.

    But then I somehow long-pressed a folder while browsing an email account and there it was!
    Gives you the option to add new folders (not sure about sub-folders) or edit existing ones.
    IMAP: adding or editing folders from device.-img_20140804_011539.png
    I cannot believe I had not seen this before and find it to be hugely convenient! Works from both viewing the email account (press the top bar to view folders) and even while filing an email. Anywhere you can see the Folders you can long-press them.
    Hope this can help someone else.

    Channel: C0007CC89 | CB10 signed.
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    08-04-14 01:59 AM
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    Thanks for giving us this tip!
    08-04-14 03:16 PM

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