09-04-15 06:50 PM
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    The point was you miscontrued facts. You omitted details of the table, you posted a segment not the full table as I did.

    The point is you must be a corporate paying customer for any type of "support" for BBOS7 to be even looked at, not a customer. The point is only then will best effort be attempted. Releasing a new OS is indication of support their granting you a full year support not as 'best effort' (trust me days of IBM I know quite fully what that entails).

    PS: You already replied so you know what you needed to reply to, n'est-pas? (being cheeky)
    Omitted details of the table? You posted a link to the EXACT SAME TABLE, just to the wrong tab (BES 12 instead of Operating Systems. We are specifically talking BB7, so why would you link to BES12 instead of operating systems?!?!). That would be you going off-topic and irrelevant.

    So... what you're saying, is that there is support if really needed.

    I'm trying to stay on topic, and end the discussion, really. This is moot. I really don't care about this discussion whatsoever as I don't own BB7 phone and never have.
    09-04-15 06:50 PM
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