05-10-16 08:23 PM
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  1. xtremeled's Avatar
    And so by definition you were not productive before these apps came along, and are not productive without your phone ??

    I really don't know how we managed any of human kinds feats from navigating the globe to placing men on the moon when we didn't have 'phones' that make us so much more productive.( this post/thread is a fine example of how phones have made us less productive imho )
    It's called progress. We made it to the moon because we have computers. Not great computers but computers that took care of apps that humans could not. In this day and age, communication is key. Make no mistake, apps aid in many types of communication. Banking, reservations for whatever, many things. So, while I could make just a phone call years ago, Now instead of driving to the bank I can snap a pic of my check and the deposit is as quick as if I walked into the bank itself. Time is Money!
    05-10-16 06:53 PM
  2. anon(1723145)'s Avatar
    Blackberry lost most of its customers because they didn't or couldn't provide the apps so many users wanted. But BB10 still works really well for a lot of us even without the apps. It may sound like old hat but BlackBerry still does a great job with email, voice, calendar, notes, custom notifications, etc. For some of us that's enough to stay with BB10 for others it's not.

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    05-10-16 07:43 PM
  3. greatgretschsound's Avatar
    Admittedly I am the flag-waver for blackberry 10. My experience may be non-typical but I find bb10 indispensable for intense business use - multiple email accounts, limited to moderate social media interaction including Linkedin and Linkedin Sales navigator, editing and signing contracts with Docs-to-Go, multiple calendars, BB Travel, access to cloud docs via Playcloud, Scan to Text, Remember, most of the airline apps - United and AC primarily. throw in National Car Rental too.

    Add personal apps like Soundcloud, Nest, Uber (w/o Cobalt's stuff) and I am perfectly good to go on my passport. I had a z30 with Cobalt's GPS stuff added but left it off purposely when I got a great deal on a passport.

    So you might say that I am a fanboy or afficionado but I have two really non-technical colleagues who love their Z10's and have figured out on their own how to do snapchat and all manner of other stuff I couldn't give 2 $h!t$ about on their phones. So the bb10 handsets are not just for hobbyists, they work fine for my technically challenged friends too.

    A pity the BB10 launch was crappy and the absolute lack of marketing that followed. App Gap is in the eye of the beholder.
    05-10-16 08:23 PM
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