04-22-16 09:13 AM
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    I jumped ship 3 weeks ago and bought a 6s plus 64GB. I think of all current phones this is the second most expensive phone (except for some gold plated stuff) one can buy (128GB is more expensive). Was it a good choice?

    I never REALLY realized how convenient BB10 really is. The HUB, PIM apps are all integrated and connected, it's fast and fluid, long press is like a right click on a pc/mac, it has an excellent file manager which is integrated in all apps, SD card support, the keyboard is so good, app settings are found in the app by swiping from the top down which makes perfect sense, support for many types of email, and did I mention how well-thought the HUB looks where you can easily see what's read and you can easily filter to unread messages (not only mail). These are things that are not present in IOS9. IOS9 does have 3D touch, a useless feature that for most applications is even slower than just opening the app and go to where you need to be. It does have swipe gestures. A swipe from left brings you into a siri search screen. A wipe from the top brings you in the notification center. Well the phone is so big that a swipe from the top is quite impossible, why didn't they bring that part to the swipe left? Another thing, if you want to change app settings, you have to go to the settings app, this makes the OS very non-intuitive. I could continue for a while, but the reason I bought this phone is for it's camera and apps like iMovie and Action Movie. It's is an excellent device for taking photo's (which I don't) and filming (4k!). I know that all these movies (and memories) of my children growing up, my parents aging, parties, et cetera, are worth the money (at least that is what I am telling myself).

    So is it wise to jump ship? It's up to you OP. But I am now carrying two phones connected to each other via a hotspot, the Q10 for all my communication and the iPhone for making calls and making videos. Some people would say I should have bought a camera, but there are no camera' s this size with these possibilities (apps). Oh why didn't I go for Android or Win10? Android is even more non-intuitive as IOS (for me), and I find the UI awkwardly cluttered. Win10, (animating) tiles are not for me, even though I believe Win10 (particularly the UI) on the PC is the very very nice.

    I'm afraid that BBOS10 support will be less and less, therefore I went the way of IOS. I realize that BBOS10 actually is a very very very good OS for 80% of the things I would like to do on a smartphone. But I only realized this after I bought the iPhone, before I though that I could find the apps I need in the appstore. Well, there no decent calendar app, no decent email app, and no file management (almost everything is still sandboxed). So before you spend a lot of money, think, because I walk around with two phones.

    Sorry for the long post, I'm just slightly disappointed with IOS and people (in general) do not realize how convenient BBOS10 is. I hope in the near future, BB will come up with 150 EURO phones that have a slider keyboard and a 4.5 inch screen and all the current stock apps, including maps (plus offline maps), an execellent browser, and also support for Skype, Office365, Facebook, and the likes. They should get rid of the appstore (at least in it's current form),they should get rid of developer support but not for the work side of BB balance, they should get rid of Android support. This device is then the best out of the box experience that would suit most needs of most people (remember, many people don't install more than a handful of apps). Upgrades will be in CPU speed, screen resolution, camera, stock apps, battery.... Daydreaming......

    Have a nice day.
    Am going around with two phones for exactly the same reasons, it's hard to get rid of something that works logically...

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    01-29-16 04:30 AM
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    If had the same Idea but I found out that is is even worse than android so I decided to get s6 edge plus or BlackBerry Priv still deciding

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    01-30-16 01:48 AM
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    Lots of soul-searching on this subject over the last three or four months gents.

    First, I have realized that I have to stay with BB10 on my business line. I really TRULY like BB10 and think it's the best OS I have ever seen for communication. Emails, Texts, BBM, and social media like LinkedIn and Twitter just glide for me on BB10. And it Blends well to my iPad.

    For personal, I need iPhone because it's a music machine. Casting a playing iPhone file is a simple as pie. Just press the icon and select the casting device. I cast to an aftermarket Airplay type device. It's so easy and sounds incredibly good. Hi Def music via WiFi Airplay Web Casting. Nice.

    But the iPhone does NOT do FLAC files natively and that really upsets my apple cart. I store close to a TB of music on Amazon Prime Cloud Drive. Even my BB10 device will stream directly from those FLAC files and play them. But an iPhone just burps because it's not an Apple file like ALAC or AAC. That has always bothered me. Don't' get me wrong, I respect the codec of AAC and think it's superior in many ways to mp3 or other audio files bit for bit, HOWEVER, it's so damn proprietary. I have a Droid and my Berry to think about. It really is a problem. When I point my iPhone to my stored FLAC audio files, it's dumbfounded. And that's a shame. Hopefully OS 10 will make some kind of FLAC file play intrinsic to the OS.

    Another issue of iPhone, Once you START sending iMessage, you need to remember to DEACTIVATE it if you use another phone for a week or so or leave iOS because otherwise, the people sending you text messages via iMessage will continue to do so and won't know you never go them. Unless you go back to your iPhone or other iOS platform to read them. Again, it's proprietary.

    I guess if you were full time iOS (and I can't be), then the above is not a problem. For me, it's a big problem.
    04-20-16 01:34 PM
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    Am going around with two phones for exactly the same reasons, it's hard to get rid of something that works logically...

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    That's spot on. My brain logically pulls me back to BB10. I've honestly tried to go without it. Can't do it. I'm a two phone guy. BB10 will be on my business line until I retire. Hopefully not more than 10 years from now. Hopefully.
    04-20-16 02:23 PM
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    Sadly I agree that iOS would be a way to go if I would switch boats. It's not about apps, the look, interface but a simple fact that all iphones always work smoothly and idroid starts to show it's ugly bug head after 6-12 months period.

    04-20-16 02:30 PM
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    I'm thinking of moving to an I-Phone too; they don't seem to suffer for the same shortage of apps that BlackBerry does.


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    04-20-16 03:07 PM
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    O that company that shares information to our dutch policies about users good luck with itunes and icloud .

    You also know that ios is the number 2 in security issues and that mac os is the number one in 2015 and keep holding that position for this year and that google is getting more secure every year, also they bring down the numbers of bad apps down to 50% last 6 month and they keep pushing. There work with BlackBerry is good to get a more and better secure os.

    So choose wise
    04-20-16 03:12 PM
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    I like my iPhone very much, I just can't use it as my SOLE driver. It's mostly a music streamer and an app machine. Going without the HUB drives me crazy. Yes, I know you can swipe down from the top and get "NOTIFICATIONS" and you can put anything you like in that spot, but it's not the same as HUB. Everything about BB10 just flows elegantly for me.

    I also have two personal reasons for supporting Apple.
    1.) They're the only company poised to actually stay competitive with Google. I like Google, don't get me wrong, but having only ONE company govern our portable data and cellular use is not a good thing. Thus, I support Apple and have an iPhone and an iPad.
    2.) We got a taste of the beast we have created in the US by allowing Government to grow wildly in the last 20 years. Sooner or later, that big brother we have created will come-a-calling on each of us and dictate how we will be doing things, like it or not. When they were ordering Apple to unlock the phone, Apple stood up to them and said no. I respect that. I support them.

    I just wish iOS had a Hub like Berry. Can you imagine if Chen had partnered with Apple instead of Google? Or if he did BOTH? That would be interesting.
    04-20-16 07:55 PM
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    BB10 has spoiled us by revealing the possibilities. Most people I know using iOS or android know nothing else, other than Blackberry circa 2009 and old nokia dumb bricks. They don't understand that there are inadequacies in their OS; it's just the way it is! I've had more luck explaining the advantages of BB10 to my dog than the average iphone user.

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    04-21-16 03:27 PM
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    If someone makes a good Ubuntu phone with BB10 efficiency and security, then sure, that would be a candidate.
    Oh, not even heard of an Ubuntu phone OS! Right, I'll add that to the list of possibilities to try. Which is now Ubuntu and Sailfish!

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    04-21-16 04:42 PM
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    If BB10 Stops I Will Be Moving to iOS-img_1724.png

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    04-22-16 09:13 AM
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