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    Just throwing this out, looking to hear anyones thoughts (positive / negative / etc). I recently picked up a BlackBerry Classic for my Dad for his birthday and had a chance to play with it for a week before giving it to him. As someone who has never owned a legacy BlackBerry phone with a toolbelt this was my first time playing around with it, and I definitely enjoyed some of the added features.

    I know there are pro and con arguments to re-issuing the toolbelt on the Classic and maybe people think its time to move on. But with the new touch capacitive keyboard on the Passport, I was thinking it wouldnt be hard to reproduce the functionality of the toolbelt without adding the actual hardware.

    Already the Passport keyboard allows you to double tap and bring up the editing circle and drag it more precisely; and reading the thread BlackBerry has added the ability to swipe left and right on the Home and Icon screens to move between pages as well. So assuming all PKB phones from now on will be touch capacitive (I hope so) why not add a few keyboard shortcuts / actions and further extend the touch keyboard to act as a full fledged trackpad (as an option)?

    EG. X to go Back / Undo; LOVE this feature on the Classic and would love it on the Passport.

    P already makes a call from homescreen so add E to end a call (in app); this wouldnt work if you had minimized the phone app but maybe theres a different way.

    Double tap on the keyboard anywhere (except in text fields) brings up the trackpad arrow; or double tap to cycle between text edit bubble and trackpad arrow.

    Y as a dedicated in app button to cycle between the various menus once for bottom left slide out; twice for bottom right; third for swipe down / settings. Hitting again goes back to bottom left, etc.

    I dont think it would be difficult to add the functionality from a software POV. Anyway, curious to hear what anyone else thinks and / or any further improvements to the idea are welcome.
    05-17-15 02:14 PM
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    I like where you are going with this!
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    05-18-15 03:39 PM
  3. anon(9353145)'s Avatar
    I like where you are going with this!
    Thanks! I think you're the only one, lol. Having used a toolbelt BlackBerry Classic briefly I definitely see the advantages to the added functionality. The Back / Undo feature is probably the biggest that I'd like to see incorporated into all devices going forward personally. The addition of the touch capacitive keyboard with actions and shortcuts are a positive differentiator for BlackBerry imho, and I think they should expand on it even further.

    And the Back / Undo feature could easily translate across to all touch BlackBerry devices as another dock shortcut alongside the camera, assistant and phone icons. Seems like an easy feature to add, especially now that they've done the legwork with adding support for the Classic toolbelt.

    EDIT: Thinking on it, the back feature would have to be a gesture, not a dock icon as that obviously wouldn't work inside apps on all touch.
    05-18-15 11:14 PM

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