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    Please don't destroy me if this has already been hashed out a million times, but a cursory search in the forums didn't yield the results I was looking for (sure, maybe I'm just a moron when it comes to searching, but that's a whole different topic for another day). Here's my question about BB10... when arranging icons into folders, is there any way to create subfolders within the icon folders? Another question: is there any way to disable the icon auto-arrange? I think it would be cool to arrange the icons into "groups" on the screen... with distinct space between the groups.

    02-28-15 08:18 AM
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    No, you cannot create a sub folder within an icon folder.

    The auto arranging of icons can't be turned off, but you can use apps such as Gap Creator, bEmpty Icon, Magic Icon, Invisible Icon, The App Gap to customize tour home scree. Some other multi-purpose apps can do this as well. (I can't recall which, at the moment.)
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    02-28-15 08:26 AM

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