10-18-13 07:15 AM
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  1. Graheem's Avatar
    well it doesn't work here.

    says "your login information for p03-caldav..... has changed or is incorrect. Please check your account settings, there is no other error and I have replaced the "3" with 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 to no avail.
    NIels B info did work but I then tried same as Zimmer, replacing "3" with 1 thru 0. After numerous errors I clued in that the error was giving me the answer...it had in it 'p11'...so tried that and voila...icals appeared. So thanks to you both, Niels B, & Zimmer.

    Yes, I was hopeful, but Niels B steps are not working for me either, and I get same error as you, Zimmer. I'm on if that makes a dif.
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    08-21-13 04:43 PM
  2. hkg833's Avatar
    I was able to get the iCloud calendar working on BB 10, but entries are a day off, one day earlier. I am inputting appointments via my laptop (which is on the same time zone) as it is a bit easier. Any suggestions?
    10-18-13 07:15 AM
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