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    I Can't view any of your images unfortunately. Must be this damn iPhone lol. So I'll just respond per each of your points.

    - This iPhone, running OS 9.2.1 on T-Mobile, cannot open PDFs without a 3rd party app.

    -BlackBerry notifies me of new emails from all my email accounts instantly. So, whatever function they use, it does its job. This iPhone however does not, and only notifies me when it fetches new emails, which means, best case scenario, it'll check to see if I have new emails every 15 minutes. And 15 minutes is more than enough time for me to lose a side job offer because someone else was notified sooner and scooped it up.

    -Yes, I know this thing displays all contacts in the contact app from all my accounts. My argument is, when I enter a new contact on the iPhone, there is no option to a associate the new contact with a different account if I want it somewhere other than my default account. With BB, if I have a new work contact, just select my work email and it will sync with my work account. Then if I need to enter a new contact for one of my side jobs I can just enter it choosing the appropriate account from the drop down. No need to go settings and change defaults or any of that silly business. You just pick which account to associate a new contact with from a dropdown while entering it and voila, it syncs only with the account, but is still visible in the contacts tab. Make sense? With this iPhone your only option is one default list. No matter how many accounts you have. Sure you can change the default in settings, but that is a PIA compared to BB.

    - Again, you are correct. The iPhone does allow you to personalize colors on the calendar for all accounts EXCEPT for gmail. BB allows you to customize your calendar regardless of the account.

    -Yup, you can shut off the location services in settings. What you can't do is set up to be easily toggled off like BB does. With iPhone, you need to go fully into settings, whereas with BB you can set it as an easy toggle with a swipe from the top bezel. That's what I call on the fly.

    It would seem you and I are miscommunicating so I will try to be succinct here. The iPhone may have many of the features of the BlackBerry, but they are not near as customizable, expedient, or convenient as the BB10 OS to use.
    Interesting I have no problem viewing my pictures and replying to you on my iPhone.

    -I have been using iPhone since the first generation, my current iPhone is an T-Mobile iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 9.2.1 (as you would see in my screenshots) and I have no issue opening PDFs on my iPhone and never have had any issue opening PDFs on my iPhone in the many many years I have been using them. If you would look at my screenshots you would see me opening a PDF without a third party app.

    - My iPhone notifies me everything I get an email on my gmail account. Make no mistake they're both fetching for new emails. That is something you can customize in settings

    - You are correct in that way. The way I organize my work contacts from personal and school contacts is I put new work contacts in a work group that is syncs with both my iCloud and my work email. I do the same for school. All this is accomplishable in the contact app on iOS and OS X.

    - Now I better understand what you mean, but I don't understand why anyone would have to change Location Setting on the Fly, most will set it once and never thing about it again. If you disallow an app that needs it when you go to use that app, it will give you a quick link to that setting, leaving you no reason to have to search for it in the setting app.
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    02-18-16 08:09 AM
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    I've tried to leave BB10 for Apple but I can't...

    Posted via CB10
    02-18-16 08:25 AM
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    I'm not much of a poster as you can see with my post count but I am a long time CB browser and BB10 user. With all due respect to your post, I disagree with a lot about what you said regarding how bad iOS may seem. I love BlackBerry 10 myself and still use one for my business phone (which is the phone I'm on replying to this post). But I also have recently went from a Z10 to an iphone 6 plus used as my personal phone. I admit it was rough moving over and getting acclimated but after a week or two is not as bad as you make it seem.

    I've come to the understanding that yes BB10 has more functionality built in and ready to use out the box but once you figure a few things out and download some apps everything is just as good or productive. From what I understand iphones are app phones more so than smartphones and when you consider the ridiculous amount of usable (fully functional) apps, you get to see how it can be just as productive as you want it.

    I no longer look at the phone the same and actually enjoy a few things and there are things that I find refreshing. It's really what you make it. Again it's all subject to opinion and I understand everyone has their preferences but post like this is a little much. I'm still a big BB10 fan and will be for as long as it last. I just don't see the point in giving out false information about another OS just because it didn't work for you.
    Posted via CB10
    I totally agree with this post. Never thought I would be using an iPhone, and its actually not that bad. With a dead Z10, Q10, and playbook I feel like I've been had by BB. Then to top it all off, my passport got the screen lift and needed to be sent in for repairs. I tried using Android for a couple weeks while it was at the shop, that for ME, was a horrible experience. Because I need 2 phones, I have the iPhone for personal use and the passport for work use where quick emails, physical keyboards, etc. really matter to me. I have loved my berries over the years, but sadly I won't by another BB product and highly doubt I will ever try Android again. I will continue to use my passport on wifi for work until it bites the dust because I still do love that phone for what it is, and I don't feel like I've been had by Apple because I bought an iPhone, my family has gotten over it and so have I it's all good, no OS is perfect.
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    02-18-16 11:02 AM
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    And the BlackBerry faithful aren't anything like that?
    Nope, they're not. They are people wearing suits and uses "tools, not toys" lol
    02-18-16 12:11 PM
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    Like many of you, when I heard the rumor (or news, whichever) that BB10 was done and would receive only security updates this year, I was about fed up.
    What is it you regulars say now? Oh right, "Rant OFF".
    At first, I was extremely disappointed with BlackBerry's decision to go Android and seriously considered the iPhone 6S, among others, as my next device. Like many coming from BB10 (and BlackBerry in general), I had concerns. But instead of just looking for answers here on CrackBerry I took those concerns to iMore. Turns out, quite a number of former BB10 users are now on the iPhone and how quickly did they school me on just how "wrong" I was. Suffice to say, head over to iMore and search my user name if you want the scoop.

    iOS has come a long way. Sure, you still cannot truly customize it, but honestly you can't truly customize BB10, either. iOS9.X is way more functional now, and productive, than iOS has ever been in the past and dare I say is beginning to rival BB10 (if the rumors of laid off BB10 coders now working for Apple are true, I'd say that iOS is going to best BB10 with v10).

    I'm also a long time Mac user; having used Apple computers near exclusively for longer than some members in this forum have been alive. I am more a fan of OSX than iOS, but suffice to say I have also owned iPads and iPod Touches since launch. Granted, at one point in time an app was required to view PDFs, but those days are long gone. If you are having trouble opening PDFs, then I dunno; did you buy a used iPhone 3G or something?

    As for Gmail; on both my MBP and iPad, their is an interval set to retrieve emails, yes. However, on both my Gmails come through about 1 second after I receive them on my Z10 and once in a blue moon, they arrive first on my Apple products. Even on Ms. BBQs iPhone emails arrive close enough to "instantaneous".

    2 years ago you would have been tarred and feathered for even speaking Android on this site. Now it's embraced. It's the new home of the Blackberry Bandwagon.
    Not even that; acceptance for Android is still rather new. However, talk of BlackBerry going with Android goes back to 2009 and in 2011 none other than CrackBerry Kevin wrote an article for the home page outlining the 11 reasons for why Google should acquire RIM (I have an older account here associated with an email account no longer used or accessible. I have actually been a member of CrackBerry for quite some time).

    Anyways, about a month ago I made a similar comment in one of the threads in the Priv forum and was told that I was a liar. Go figure.
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    02-18-16 12:47 PM
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    Passport came in today. All is right with the world again. Well, not the world, but at least my comm tool.
    02-19-16 01:31 AM
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    The thoughts of a person who knows nothing about their phone, typical.

    In regards to your Gmail issues, you would save yourself some headaches by, you know, just downloading the Gmail app.
    You're not paying attention.
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    02-19-16 01:40 AM
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    Passport came in today. All is right with the world again. Well, not the world, but at least my comm tool.
    No more disturbance in the Force!
    02-19-16 02:54 AM
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