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    I had a chance to use a Z3 Compact for a week because I left my Z30 at home (travelling abroad now). I have to say, I really miss the smoothness of the bb10 os....bb really done a great job with it because everything from fluidity to gestures just works.

    However, android apps quality in general is what blew bb out of the water. I know theres side load options and such, but they just dont compare. I think its really a shame because bb has such a nice interface with bb10...and even the virtual keyboard is far superior than the one I am using now on Z3C...

    I am not sure if this situation is ever gonna improve because bb has such a low market share, that its only normal for app developers to overlook them...if they can somehow turn this around though, bb will comeback for sure (i hope they do)

    Really dont see any other problems with bb now

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    01-12-15 08:20 PM
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    It is not easy as said buddy since BlackBerry reputation and users base is still not so much comparing to competitors to attract developer, especially big name apps to spend their values resource investing in BlackBerry.

    If I were Chen, I will ( and I think he might have the same idea for consumer IF he doesnt change his plan to spend almost time and resources focusing on enterprise business)

    1) build up more users base by selling more phone, this is the most difficult thing to do, the have to work together between, trying to release and sell more 'attractive' phone for consumer market with 'lack of apps situation' while they are trying to persuade developer to come to BlackBerry. This is tough man, in point of view of owner of a company as well. But I think Chen is doing quite well now.

    2) raise the number of active BlackBerry users by selling to enterprise company, especially big name with over 10 thousands employees, this is more easy to make the developer look back and interest in BlackBerry again.

    3) provide developers special offers like funding or no more deduction fee for app, they sold in BlackBerry world. But this step works for only some developer who is still small to medium, until the user base is big enough to get more chance to negotiate with them (big name apps). I believe that Chen will do this as soon as item#1 and #2 are success.

    What we can do to help BlackBerry? WHEN we are still happy to use snappiest and most productive OS in the market now.
    1) be patient.
    2) use android apps to fill the gap during these steps.
    3) trust on Chen.
    4) buy new. BlackBerry phone if you can effort.
    5) go back and read from item#1 lol


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    01-12-15 08:52 PM
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    If anything, I find the number of apps in Google Play annoying. Ten apps that all claim to do the same thing, though none really do the task well.

    But most of the Google Play apps I side loaded work fine if they don't need Google services.

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    01-12-15 09:01 PM
  4. RamR's Avatar
    I have always wondered if it would be an option for BlackBerry to pay the salary of an developer or two at the companies with desirable apps with the intent of helping these companies get their app on the BlackBerry platform with no cost to them.

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    01-12-15 09:06 PM
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    a new touch screen wouldnt hurt either....
    01-12-15 09:40 PM

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