1. Livermore's Avatar
    When us berry enthusiasts bicker about a particular berry keyboard, and comment on how it should be more like this other prior berry.

    To me each Blackberry phone is unique in its own way and destined that way.

    The Privs keyboard had to fit under a sliding chaste mechanism, and it's an amazing keyboard at accomplishing this.

    The Passports 3 rows changed the entire berry qwerty game. It's introduction with capacitive features made magic out of physical buttons. The silver edition is my all time fav qwerty, and way better than the AT&T variants. I've never owned the OG so I can't comment.

    The Q10 is the little wolverine of qwerty berries. It's the one BlackBerry phone that resembles an actual blackberry fruit. The keyboard is legendary.

    The KeyOnes qwertyness was slippery and fruity. But it's probably one of my fav of all time. The spacebar LED's still get me feeling gaudy.

    The Classics is probably the most underrated keyboard of them all, it had the potential to be the all time great, it just lacked the new age. Mind you: it's the last BlackBerry to have a non-capactitive qwerty.

    The Key2 is a qwert I've yet to get my fingers on, and it's bothering me. It looks like it might be better than the Silver Passports qwerty and that's a statement since the PPSE keyboard ranks #1 in my book.

    The LE in biggest qwerty anomaly yet. I've played with the display model at Bestbuy and as far as the feel/look/tactility/clickyness of it, it has great potential: but it's missing it's soul. It's missing the feature that makes all of us go out and buy these machines! The technology within each key. The lack of capacitive swiping automatically ranks this keyboard below much of the above by default. But if we are talking straight up about the feel of it, and how out thumbs maneuver, I've yet to see. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

    As far as older BlackBerry phones I can't comment. The only one I owned was the Curve and I kind of forget. I know the Bold is highly regarded as the greatest, maybe it is.

    What is your favorite qwerty?

    Posted via CB10
    11-16-18 08:27 AM
  2. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    My favorites QWERTY was the Bold or Classic. Tossup for me. It would be the AT&T KEYone if the PKB wasn’t capacitive. That’s just me though.
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    11-16-18 08:41 AM
  3. conite's Avatar
    I got used to every one except the Priv - which was too top-heavy for comfortable typing.

    The Passport, although nice, caused fatigue much sooner due to increased thumb travel.
    11-16-18 09:27 AM
  4. bb9900user2018's Avatar
    The Bold and Classic keyboards are very similar (to me), however for speed nothing beat my 9320's keyboard - it was blazing fast. I've tried capacitive qwerty keyboards and they just don't compare to typing on a pkb.
    11-16-18 09:38 AM
  5. dubengeldu's Avatar
    The difference to bold9000. Bold9900 typing was smaller than 9900to classic

    But these typers i liked most

    I used excessively 8520 s as micro quick throughput but the buttons were abit too small and still. With that haptics pressingpoint very usable still

    I wouldnt pick pre 9pi blackberry s it was a significant overhaul i think

    Let alone followup - what was it? Q?

    Posted via CB10
    11-16-18 03:09 PM
  6. Mamaluka's Avatar
    My Verizon Bold 9930 was the one I loved the most. Had it all.
    My Key2 comes close, if it was a curved shaped keyboard, in my opinion, it'd be as good as the 9930's.
    For now, I'm a happy guy. Just get rid of these capacitive keys above the keyboard and make them on screen. Please!
    11-16-18 05:23 PM
  7. Livermore's Avatar
    I got used to every one except the Priv - which was too top-heavy for comfortable typing.

    The Passport, although nice, caused fatigue much sooner due to increased thumb travel.
    I experienced this with the AT&T variant.. but not with the Silver Edition

    Posted via CB10
    11-16-18 06:14 PM

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