1. Ikrnikrn's Avatar
    Hello guys, in advance happy new year.

    I really need a help. I had started to reset my passport in blackberry link. And it's very slow. It's too slow. I tried many things that is why it's the third time, and you know zero to around 93% it takes around 5 hours give or take, and 93 to 97 around hours and 97 to 98 I think 12 hous? And 98 to 99 also 12 hours as well, and if 99 to 100, it takes 12 hours I would be so happy, but I tried something so I didn't see it.

    There's some question.

    Have you anyone seen like this situation? And if there's someone who touchdown 100%?

    And some people said I jus try do it with autoloader. But is it possible to do that while reseting? I actually as I wrote above I tried something and one of them was autoloader thing, and I failed. But there's any chance I missed at the time. So if you have such experiences or you know how to autoloader while reseting, please help me.

    I think my laptop detect my passport is connected, because I saw a icon right down side near the sound icon. But link doesn't detect I think.

    So is it possible to do autoloader? Although I'm on the reset? Please help. It drives me crazy I could've not used my phone for more than 5 days.

    Best regards.
    12-31-15 08:29 AM
  2. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Hey Ikrnikrn and welcome to the CrackBerry community.

    First, don't worry.
    As of date I've never heard of a permanently nuked passport.

    So, to sum up, you've been performing a wipe usingk Link ("restore software" option, I guess).
    It's been very long from T1 and got worse running up.
    You mentioned that you've tried several tricks, so that I assume you've interrupted it several times.
    Last point may explain a lot. Interrupting a wipe is never a good idea.

    Still, I believe the autoloader track is the good one.

    What I'd do is the following sequence :
    Prerequisite : Be sure Link/Blend is off and that it'll not start when you plug the device to USB (you can disable this in the Link preferences menu, located in the top black bar)

    1/ Get a proper autoloader ready on the desktop
    2/ Turn off the passport (hold the power button long enough but not too long, otherwise it'll restart)
    3/ Launch the autoloader; you should have a "Connecting to Bootrom:" prompt
    4/ Plug the device via USB to the computer and let the autoloader handle it.

    Let us know how it goes !
    And ... happy 2015 ending !
    12-31-15 09:19 AM

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