1. Powdah's Avatar
    As it says above. I am a dummy and confused.

    Have run many searches. No white paper

    thks in advance
    01-27-14 06:28 PM
  2. tchocky77's Avatar
    It's not a feature intended for Dummies. Dummies are just supposed to buy an Android phone.

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    01-27-14 06:31 PM
  3. Paul Ogorzow's Avatar
    search for keywords like sachesi and snap...
    01-27-14 06:33 PM
  4. Going The Distance's Avatar
    If you have 10.2.1 installed download mobile 1 market place. Google search it from the phone download and install. From there use mobile 1 market just like BB World.
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    01-27-14 06:35 PM
  5. thurman's Avatar
    SNAP, crackle , pop for me!!!

    Z10 STL100-3 >>>>>>>>Leaks 1055, 1259, 1925
    01-27-14 07:05 PM
  6. QWKSNKE's Avatar
    Or sideload snap via Google Chrome. It is very easy

    Posted via CB10. with 1259 camera/clock
    01-27-14 07:32 PM
  7. Centerman66's Avatar
    Which one, snap or mobile 1 marketplace, is better? Why?

    Posted via CB10
    01-27-14 07:42 PM
  8. froggyface's Avatar
    Point your bb10 browser to any link with an .apk file and it will automatically download and install ( if external sources is enabled ). You can't do this with .bar files but you can with .apk. So download a few 'shops' ...

    1mobile 1Mobile Market - best Google Android Apps Market
    amazon app store Install Amazon Appstore ( requires an account )
    snap http://redlightoflove.com/ota/Snap-latest.bar This gets you google play, and is awesome.

    And if you want to go nuts ...

    01-27-14 08:07 PM
  9. sklotz2000's Avatar
    You can also install the Amazon App Store app. That and Snap are the 2 easiest methods.

    Sent from my VZW Z10 Rockin'
    01-27-14 08:41 PM
  10. Morten's Avatar
    I don't believe anyone knows how it will be with 10.2.5, .. that is still far far far away
    01-27-14 08:55 PM
  11. mhhH4RI's Avatar
    Wait.. 10.2.5 ???

    Is that a typo or a troll ?
    01-27-14 09:48 PM
  12. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    You can also install the Amazon App Store app. That and Snap are the 2 easiest methods.

    Sent from my VZW Z10 Rockin'
    Snap only counts as being one of the easiest ways to get APKs after it is installed.

    Believe it or not, sideloading is intimidating for a casual user. Don't assume everyone in the world is as comfortable with tech as you are.

    Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30
    01-27-14 09:58 PM
  13. SirJes's Avatar
    First off, pm me, let's talk about this 10.2.5 u got lolll jk

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    01-27-14 10:11 PM
  14. tkagad's Avatar
    Thanks for all the links!

    Posted via CB10
    01-27-14 10:29 PM

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