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    It is really sad seen how fast we changed our minds in something that we knew for long time like the fact that Android OS has thousands of apps more than BlackBerry.
    We know that nobody wants to do apps for BlackBerry 10 OS and of course the Priv feels better than any other of the 10 OS phones. Of course with all the apps being native no doubt that this was for granted. Priv has the feeling of being a Blackberry and with the integration it is a great phone. I have a lot of friends that own Samsungs and I have seen them always opening and touching a lot their phones to find something like even pictures.
    I remember when my Z30 was totally functional with apps that I picked up such as news, sports, radios and it was so good and great I hope we can compare for example the USA today app on the Z10 or Z30 with the one that comes with the Priv which is Android and you will see it no question about the beauty that was that app on the 10 OS much better than the Android that's why BB10OS is better although now I have seen here on the different post people stating that BB10OS is not that good, how easy we forget things!!!, now everyone loves the Priv ok feels like Blackberry but I don't think it is 100% Blackberry. If people that are changing Passports, Z30 , Q10, need to accept that all we or you wanted are APPS.
    Certainly, the Android runs better when the app comes from th Amazon store than the rest talking about Passport but please DON'T COMPARE the Priv which is an Android with the Passport because we know that the Priv is even better that the other Androids that it is unfair for BBOS.
    There a lot of points in favor of the Priv but we the ones that once loved BB10 OS still we wait until see what happens with BBOS. The ones that sold Passports and the rest please accepted that you wanted apps even though you or we use 5 that you believe is all about it like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Vine and all tv's apps . If Chen will ended up only supporting Android then I will sell my Priv and go for any Android because at the end it is an Android and not something original.

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    01-13-16 12:10 AM
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    01-13-16 12:16 AM
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    Sad but reality. At the end if the day it's just a phone time to move on.

    01-13-16 07:36 AM

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