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    Dear Crackberry;

    Ive have been considering doing a full wipe of my phone for a while because I wanted to start from scratch with a few things. I was getting close to my device memory limit, despite deleting all sorts of apps (I think it was my Android apps/Amazon App keeping files it didn't need to) and wanted to start from a new. I, however, still wanted to keep certain files like oh I don't know, contacts/calendars/settings/certain/anything and so I did what I always do, back up my Blackberry. So I didn't back up my BB Z30 once, but 5 times in the span of a few days because I kept getting an error for the application data not backing up properly through BB Link (most up to date version today, version 123_b055) BUT the application data isn't what I wanted anyways, it was everything else so I decided to back it up ONCE LAST TIME just to be sure and give it a good wipe down. 2 hours later, after the device wiped clean (holy sh*t, it normally that long time wipe a device?) I opened up BB Link and plugged in my phone. Nothing I did, I mean nothing I did, could get ANY of the backup files to go back onto my Z30. I wanted to cry.

    So here I am, spending my day off not playing Assassins Creed Rogue like I had planned but trying to set up my Blackberry from scratch like as if it was a brand new device. Pros/Cons: I get to start from scratch, get into a new groove of things and really filter out all of the things I didn't actually need before. Contacts that no longer need or didn't update, settings I can play with all over again as if for the first time and really get into how my Z30 works. Cons: I ******* LOST EVERYTHING I WANTED TO KEEP... *deep breathe in*

    So, if anyone from Blackberry is listening or reading this... Been a Blackberry User for a very long time. Did everything I was suppose to with the tools provided to me from the supplier and it still failed... horribly... And I'm not very happy (but still wouldn't switch to another device, forget that)

    11-11-14 11:55 AM
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    On a side note, I am not looking for alternative ways to back up my device that I didn't take advantage of before because I feel like I HAVE to now. Can not have too much backup information.

    SO I'm trying different sync methods. Not going to use the "cloud" because I don't like having my stuff stored on an external server where I no longer have full control over. So lets try Outlook Sync. So far, I've managed to duplicate all of my contacts on my device because Contacts app deemed it necessary to add another link called my pc's name. Outlook was clean, fresh and nothing on it so Blackberry Link decided to send what few contacts I did get on my phone to my PC... and back ONTO my phone as a duplicate with a new link.

    Why does today hate me?
    11-11-14 11:59 AM
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    Hey there,

    Sorry to hear about the rough go you had with the backup. I know I would be extremely frustrated too. I wish I had advice to lend you in terms of getting your data back, but alas, that area is not my forte. If you are still willing to hear it (as per your 2nd post), I have come across some of my own backup solutions that you might be interested in in the future?

    1.) If you are willing to spend a bit of money in BB World, might I recommend Backup Pro for $4.99? It is a dead simple backup app to use and can backup (and be used to restore those backups) the following:
    - Books
    - Calendar
    - Camera
    - Contacts
    - Documents
    - Downloads
    - Express (Presentations)
    - Messages (SMS/MMS)
    - Music
    - Photos
    - Playlists
    - Print
    - Remember (Notes)
    - Videos
    - Voice

    I am a security freak too, so I hate the idea of anything going into the cloud. Luckily this app will also backup to your device or SD card. It will even encrypt it as well if you wish, which in my mind, is a great feature. My only suggestion is, if your SD card isn't formatted to the new exFAT partition style, do so before you backup to your SD card. I had quite the time figuring out why it would not backup to the SD card at first and realized my FAT partition was not compatible.

    2.) If you are looking for a free way to backup contacts, I'd also recommend ContactsImEx. It is a very simple app that you can use to backup and export all of your contacts in either .csv or .vcf (found this format to work best for me). This app can also import those contacts back at a later time after a wipe.

    All this said, I agree, Link can be very buggy at times. I haven't had the problems you speak of, but some other very annoying ones as well. Good luck going forward.
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    11-11-14 02:32 PM
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    There are two versions of BBLink. One is the direct download. The other Link is found in the Blend download. The one bundled in Blend is newer.

    Posted via CB10
    11-11-14 07:20 PM
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    Maybe in a next update. BB10 is still very young
    11-29-14 01:22 AM
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    I also was in the same situation

    BlackBerry Link it's totally unreliable for backups. Luckily I discovered that a few weeks after I got my Z10, so I didn't lose too much stuff

    Posted via Z10
    11-29-14 02:00 AM
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    I'm hoping that blend is the BlackBerry Link replacement and not just a supplement. Like they slowly transition backup features into blend and make it a simpler, more feature rich backup solution. Or at least drop contact backup in there.

    Posted via CB10
    11-29-14 02:06 AM
  8. Magnetic_dud's Avatar
    What I want is choose what app to backup. Otherwise the backup takes hours and hours to backup apps that I don't really want

    Posted via Z10
    11-29-14 02:11 AM
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    I use BlackBerry link all the time to backup and my device and haven't had any problems with it so far. My issue has been with my iMac's ever since I have updated to Yosemite.

    Posted via my lovely passport on T Mobile USA
    11-29-14 03:12 AM

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