03-02-16 07:32 AM
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  1. Killjoyhere's Avatar
    Because they have them in inventory, they will need to support the OS for existing customers anyway, and there are still enterprise customers and individual consumers who are committed to using the OS for the time being. I plan to buy at least two more devices in the next 12 months for my business.

    Posted via CB10
    If we look at support for the Facebook app on BlackBerry 10, it could be argued that BlackBerry 10 is already no longer supported.

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    01-02-16 12:31 PM
  2. BBHermes's Avatar
    Nothing to do with male or female.
    Fair enough.

    However it still reminded me of my Father who always took pride in showing off his Alfa Romeo 164. He often show my friends the car and specifications, plus this history etc.

    Even when it and the brand lost its way and reputation and fell out of desire and aspirations of the next generation of consumers he still beloved they never made them like that today
    Thanks for sharing this wondeful anecdote!

    Can't get much more sexist than that folks.
    If we want to talk sexism, let's talk about the real deal, not engage in polemics tinged with judgments of political correctness. There is hardly anything more pervasive and documented in our consumerist culture than the exploitation of feminine sexuality and youth in the marketing of products. The effects that this has had on the benchmarks of social validation for men (and, yes, women as well) has been acknowledged and emphasized throughout mainstream sociology, psychology, marketing, and other fields of research.

    One of the best exposes on this phenomenon is an award-winning film called "The Ad and the Ego" (should be available online). I have used this film in my own teaching and instruction over the years.

    Real sexism lies in our culture's shameless manipulation of feminine youth and sexuality, and in the negative effects this has on the conscious and subconcsious psychology of self-worth, status, and confidence on the part of members of the culture, especially (but obviously not limited to) men. There is nothing sexist in making reference to this fact and phenomenon.

    BB's marketing has been unable to break out of the more superficial contours of this phenomenon, which is one reason for it's continued abject failure in the race for cultural validation. Just look at some of the banal Priv ad images as an example. BB has never found a creative way to break out of this banality, contributing to a total marketing failure.
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    01-02-16 02:45 PM
  3. kazakoshi's Avatar
    IMHO I don't think there is much WE can do to SAVE BB10 at this point.
    Sure we can be positive about whole thing & spend more money buying BB10 devices & native apps. Or like you suggested, learn to program native apps. But why should we? Haven't "royalists " already spent enough money for BlackBerry & defended them against general consensus?

    Fact is CB community or BlackBerry fan community is not big enough to support corporation the size of BlackBerry who's executives probably make way more than a million a year. Community rally will not help their bottom line anymore than it has in the past. We need more NEW users to support BB10. But as we all know, no apps no new users.
    Creating tonnes of new native apps by newbies will not bring popular apps to BB10 either.

    I'm sure BlackBerry don't want to kill BB10 since they have invested huge amount of money to get this point.
    But businesses exist only they make money. Mr. Chen was hired to turn around company. So he would do whatever is needed to make that happen. Unfortunately it will be the way not to satisfy royal customers but shareholders.

    I don't like Google. But as I prefer pkb, I'll have to move on to BlackBerry's Android offering after my Passport. I just have to figure out how to minimize exposure to all Google.
    I rather see BlackBerry survive moving to Android than shut down trying to hold on to BB10.

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    01-02-16 04:38 PM
  4. nimra's Avatar
    I had all Treo's and webOS phones and I mean all...!!! But after the web browser of my HP Pre3 got so buggy and no one in that huge community had real substitutes I got myself a Galaxy N3, and after one year of Android and VKB I had enough and actually had never found out that BlackBerry had build this great OS 10 and only by accident found out (when I earlier looked at BlackBerry they where just not better to me than any Palm or webOS, even they had more market at that time)...now since July 2015 I got myself into OS10 with a Q10, then a PP and later even with a Classic EVEN I had been here reading so much about how all is dying etc... I don't care - cause this OS is really greatest but what I do miss is just some key apps like HERE maps and of course the link getting working again...
    I agree there is a market out there for BlackBerry OS 10 or 11... but damn get the word out...!!! Many people are carrying old iPhones and actually are tired of VKBs and also being part of a cult of whatever, specially Ladies with long nails would do much better with a PkB...

    Reality is what is created and what others can agree to, so if you just look and evaluate and agree with what you see, you're at an effect point or just a simple consumer or spectator... become a creator and despite what ever people say show them the OS and point out the high lights like swiftness and call quality and don't stop...

    And then I would love to see the next update with fixed link and so on and damn a Classic 2...a bit lighter in weight, better a bit bigger screen etc and damn a sensitive PKB - no other phone has this, and when you once had it, you cannot miss it...

    Keep it alive...!!!

    And those who so greatly say BlackBerry OS is dead are the ones creating exactly what their saying...

    It has always been a different mind set, that made things happened... and others just watch and the say, you see I said it...

    There is a market out there for this OS!!!

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    01-02-16 06:46 PM
  5. elfabio80's Avatar

    The whole point indeed. Senior HR Partner in the UK, working for a Global Company. Nothing to do with male or female.

    However it still reminded me of my Father who always took pride in showing off his Alfa Romeo 164. He often show my friends the car and specifications, plus this history etc.

    Even when it and the brand lost its way and reputation and fell out of desire and aspirations of the next generation of consumers he still beloved they never made them like that today

    Father still loved the Alfa 164 and still went to all the die-hard events. I still love the history of the brand and the marketing today. All very nice, glossy and full of future innovations. But it's also to late, they may sell a few Alfa to the die-hards. Would I buy one now - NO

    Man, Alfa Romeo is back on doing great cars!! Anyway cars vs BlackBerry it is a bit hard to compare!!

    Lancia is ugly and almost insignificant brand now. But get a Lancia Fulvia and u will see. Jump on a Alfa Romeo Giulia (the old one) and you will see!!

    I will be keeping using BB....no matters what other people say.

    Un salutone!!

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    01-03-16 04:29 AM
  6. PHughes's Avatar
    Sorry, you can't help BB10 by buying the Priv. Buy it if you want to buy it. I won't because of the privacy issues related to Google. It is a good phone though.

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    01-03-16 01:03 PM
  7. gmsm's Avatar
    Ups, there are no more comments since the CES event were they confirmed their loyalty to Android.
    I share all of the comments made here, I been encouraging friends, co workers, everybody to buy any BB10 devices, everybody knows about me I and says "ok don't offer me a BlackBerry."

    For me and my family I bought, 3 PlayBooks, 1 passport, 1 se, 2 z30, 2 z10, 1 q5. (1 pearl and 1 curve 8520) all of then overpriced by aprox $250 for shipping and customs. for 3 friends I even loan then money and accepted 6 months to refund.

    I convinced around 30 people to join BBM (omg even BBM is being left behind, I am not talking about innovation, it just needs to catch up )

    I have to help them, with technical issues like screen replacements or software issues. Ayudablackberry is not always helpful.

    I bought many apps, games, even ones I dont use, I also donated when available for example in Snap. Maybe the most I paid is $250 for crowns in total conquest.
    My brother and I are subscribed to a bbm pack.
    I thought about BES12 but I didn't find anything useful to subscribe, besides that I am almost sure the cloud is not available for Latam.

    It is funny that the creator of this post asked to "stop complaining" but just suggested the work with apps and developers. it i good t!o see other people suggesting more stuff but it might be late.

    i don't have any more ideas to Help bb10 and or blackberry. I Suggested Priv to a couple of friends but it was useless, the price is wrong.

    So after working for free, we bang of brothers are being left behind, specially the tactile lovers , the vkb die hards.

    Is the tiny BB10 (vkb, tactile) customer base smaller than the few niche Priv users?????

    why did they shut down the BIS? that was The sTaB for revenue.

    I might see that the solutions for BB10 are:

    Sell handset division to someone who cares,Microsoft, lg, huawei and htc are still fighting and not giving up, or maybe Amazon, Firefox or Silent Circle.

    Open source bb10, yeah lovely!

    I am actually reading Blackberry Planet and also Losing The Signal.
    Recommend it for every BB loyal or ex loyal.

    Oh I will use my SE until it breaks, not sure of buying replacements or jump to iPhone.

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    01-17-16 10:08 PM
  8. wMarck90's Avatar
    Mmmh.. After the news of WhatsApp WhatsApp to end support for all BlackBerry versions by end of 2016 | CrackBerry.com
    some of you are just supposed that BlackBerry Handset division and BlackBerry 10 are dead.

    Well, i understand always your worries. But you are sure that WhatsApp want end the support for BB10 because is dead? Or the true news is because BB10 are 0,2% of market share?
    I know this doesn't change the problem, because the majority of you need WhatsApp for comunicate like me. Well you don't forget the support ending by 2016 and with all this time the things can change. Also we still have two option

    1) Unofficial client
    B) Android version of WhatsApp

    When i watch the market and search for a new device for replacement my BB10 device, i don't found.
    If you found BB10 for you need is perfect, so just stay here and motivated the third part developers to developing for us.
    I don't say, here are coming devs, but this community can still be alive, can still continue. I know, because i have seen webOS and MeeGo/Maemo community how are strong, and they have always continued the work also with all bad news that are coming.

    Yes this can't be forever, but for now we still doing something.
    I know with all bad news, with the Android device, many of you has lose their hope, but don't give up! We are still a community, we still can do something and we can still live with BB10 good even with a few developer. See Sailfish OS community.

    And also the Windows Phone community. They also got bad news and WP is dead. But they don't give up. They still continue to supporting their favorite OS and the third part developers.

    This is not the time for crying, this is the time for be united!

    Look NemOry, some of you don't like him. But they can not deny he has help this community and make our device work with Facebook, Instagram etc.
    We need more NemOry and members that support they. Only in this way we can continue to enjoy our favorite OS.

    This is the only way. But is your decision, only you can decided.
    I'm still here and continue to supporting this community and BB10! I hope also many of you are doing this

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    02-29-16 03:53 AM
  9. gnh_1's Avatar
    I have to say I started on the Palm pre, and I have a nexus running LuneOS (WebOS ported to the nexus) to support my one app that hardly anyone uses. I also have a Jolla and support my apps on there. While I may be new to BlackBerry I still spent the money on a passport even with all this DOOM that you are all shouting, because I see this as one of the best environments for a mobile platform.

    No matter what happens I will carry on with my passport, like I still do with WebOS.

    First they ignore you,
    Then they laugh at you,
    Then they fight you,
    Then you win

    And if we stay strong and support this marvel of technology we will win.

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    02-29-16 04:16 PM
  10. wMarck90's Avatar
    This is what we need! http://forums.crackberry.com/app-ann...enote-1064572/
    Please support him and continue in this way!
    03-02-16 07:32 AM
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